Prop Pilsner – Matchday Series – Toronto Arrows + Saulter Street Brewery – Toronto, Ontario, Canada [CRAFT BEER SERIES]


So….my mom received a nice gift basket from her long time coworker and the basket was filled with all the Sleeman Brewery goodies. And includes all types of beer brands in the gift basket.

One of the bottle is a Prop Pilsner. I have never tasted it so I decided to do some research. Apparently, this Prop Pilsner is a very new beer that was released on October 2020 and it’s part of the “Matchday Series” for the Toronto Rugby sports team called the “Toronto Arrows“, in partnership with the Saulter Street Brewery.

Quite honestly, if I didn’t see this Prop Pilsner, I wouldn’t even know Toronto has a Rugby team, so I am always learning. I do like the packaging design where it looks like a polo tshirt on the label.

Have you tried the Prop Pilsner beer before? If yes, what are your thoughts?

Saulter Street Brewery – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Address: 31 Saulter St #1, Toronto, ON M4M 2H8
Phone: (416) 463-9379


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