Proud to be Asian! #VeryAsian in Houston, Texas, USA [HOUSTON TRAVEL SERIES]


The moment when I learned that Houston, Texas is the 2nd largest Asian population in the United States, I was surprised but excited and very happy at the same time! Wow! Houston is home to many Asians who have decided to call “Houston” their homes. Chinese is the largest Asian population in Houston, followed by the Vietnamese.

Throughout this entire Houston Press Trip, I got to see how diverse Houston is. We visited many different restaurants and bars that have Asian influences in their establishments. In fact, whatever cultural food you are craving at the moment, the chances are, you will find a restaurant that will fill your craving in Houston. For example, if you crave Chinese food, there are tons of Chinese restaurants. If you crave Vietnam cuisine, you will find them easily. Indian food? You can find them. Japanese? Oh yes! The best part? All of these Asian restaurants are widely spread out in the city. You don’t have to go to Chinatown or Koreatown to find these restaurants. They are readily available at various communities and neighbourhoods.

In fact, I think Houston has a wider range of cultural food offerings than my home city, Toronto, Canada. Toronto is already one of the most multicultural city in the world, but it’s still not as easy to find Laos food or Filipino food. In Houston, you can find Laos and Filipino restaurants much easier than Toronto and it speaks volume!

However, the easy access of finding Asian restaurants isn’t necessary always the case in other parts of the United States as it maybe difficult to find all the different restaurants that serves different cultural food. I was super impressed with Houston, to the point that I could visualize myself living here and would luv it!

Furthermore, everywhere that we visited during this Press Trip, I saw Asian being employed in many different industries. I have seen Asian working in a Speakeasy Bar, management roles, investment roles and many other businesses, they are all making a difference and contributing back to the city. In other parts of Canada or United States, this may not always be the case. Many Asian are pigeon hole into only working in Asian restaurants or Asian grocery markets, so it’s nice that people from all walks of life can find their dream jobs and build a career with opportunities.

In Houston, I feel Asians are being respected for their skillz, their involvement and contributions throughout the city. Throughout this entire trip, I can feel their influences and inspirations. People from different ethnicity respect one another and they work and live in harmony.

Asian hate and racial discrimination, sadly, always exist and throughout our lives. Through generations after generations, racism always exist. Many Asians are being bullied and being discriminated. In particular, during this pandemic, many Asians throughout the world have been abused, being called with nasty names and even being physically harmed as many believed the virus was originated by people in China.

As Asians, we have to be extra cautious and when I plan on future vacation trips, I often think of visiting to Asian countries so I can easily blend into the crowd and so I don’t have to worry about being harassed or abused. I wouldn’t want to travel to a place where Asians stood out and people may do something harmful to me. I know discrimination happens anywhere at any time, but the reality is….I would feel safer visiting Korea or Japan than other Non-Asian countries, and I am not the ONLY one who thinks like this. Many of my Asian friends and families think like that as well. We want to feel safe travelling to a place that there has minimal Asian Hate.

After this Houston Press Trip and returning back home in Toronto, Canada. I realized how much I miss Houston. I LUV Houston! I could honestly say this….I could see myself live and work in Houston. I feel comfy roaming around the city. I fit in well in this city. I feel I will have every opportunity to succeed and find a great job with my skillz. I can visit and enjoy all the amazing Asian cuisines that Houston has to offer. Now, I can include Houston as being one of the cities that I feel safe visiting or living.

I have visited many USA cities and there are many cities that I like and luv but in reality though, I don’t think I will be given an equal chance to get a good job nor do I feel comfy living in those cities.

Houston, Texas, a truly diverse and multicultural big city in the United States. A city that I would luv to visit again and explore more cool places to visit and experience. I am proud being Asian. And I am grateful and thankful of this opportunity by Houston First to experience what a diverse city Houston is.

This is a city with true diversity. Keep up the great work Houston! It’s #VeryAsian & I LUV it!

The visit to the diverse city of Houston during this press trip was provided by Houston First. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.



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