Quaker Common Park – Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada [ONTARIO TRAVEL SERIES]


It’s been 1.5 years since I last saw my colleague, Sharlene. Her family and I have decided to find a meeting point to catch up at an outdoor park. To her suggestion, we decided to meet up at the Quaker Common Park, which is situated between two schools and have an open space with a playground.

We really enjoyed the playground as it’s pretty much hidden so there is a less crowd and people are maintaining physical distancing. There is a swing area. It’s dog friendly and we seen quite a number of dog owners walking their dogs.

There was also a Quaker Walking Trail as part of the Township of Uxbridge initiative of “Uxbridge Town Trails” initiative. There is an easy, moderate walking trail that surrounds a pond, so it’s good walking exercise.

There aren’t a parking lot but you can park on the streets or park at the schools’ parking lots during the weekend.

FYI – If you are thirsty or need to buy some snacks, there is a convenience store located across the school and near the Brock Street area.

Quaker Common Park – Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada
Website: www.discoveruxbridge.ca/trails/quaker-trail
Address: Quaker Village Dr, Uxbridge, ON L9P 1A6
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/fqznqKJxG66VzimLA


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