Raptors Annual Red Party @ BallRoom


By: MoVernie, Published on July 14, 2013

Annually, the entire Toronto Raptors team and management will host a “Red Party” for a chance to meet & greet with the Raptorsfans. All the fans need to do is show their support by purchasing a ticket. Usually each ticket costs around $250 – $275, all food are inclusive along with open bar. Most of the proceeds generated will be donated to the Sick Kids Hospital. It’s a chance for fans to get up close and personal, mingle with the players they watched at the game or on TV. Most of the time, the fans are excited because I guess many of them never seen anyone that tall. Some of the players such as Amir Johnson is listed as 6’10”.

In the past, the Red Party were hosted at Muzik. But this year, for the first time, it was hosted at the Ballroom Bowling. It’s one of few places in the downtown core that provides bowling as entertainment, so it’s quite awesome for fans and the players to bowl together and showing off some or lack of bowling skills. LOL.

The Red Party started off with the entire Raptors team being called out on the stage, greeting the fans who bought the tickets with former Ex-Raptor, Jose Calderon making an opening speech, thanking the fans for the support.

In this evening, I got to interview Raptors players Landry Fields and Rookie Jonas Valanciunas. It was a fun evening interviewing the players in an off-court setting, so they were more relaxed and more fun-loving than ever.

It was a great evening for everyone!

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Raptors Landry Fields

Rookie Jonas Valanciunas


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