Raptors Annual Visit @ Sick Kids Hospital


By: MoVernie, Published on February 9, 2013

I thought January 2013 would be a relatively, quiet & chill month for me in terms of interviews, but as it turned out, it was a busy month to start, but I wouldn’t complain because I got invited by the Toronto Raptors to cover the team’s annual visit to Sick Kids Hospital.

My crew of Shaun DjFingaz Smitts & Darren H were on hand to capture the photos and video footage of my interview with the various Raptors players.

Raptors players brought smiles to these kids who are sick or who needs medical care, having raptors players coming in to just talk to them, giving them autographs & gifts, gave some excitement & energy back into their lives.

I am grateful for the opportunity and I would love to continue to cover charitable events such as this one so that my interview could raise awareness to certain diseases or the research that could help find a cure for the patients. And I also wanted to cover these community events so that the public knows the players are not only good on the basketball court but also give their time back to the local communities.

It’s for a good cause and I enjoyed every bit of the experience.

And MoVernie is outta here!
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This is one of my MoVernie interviews during this event, interviwing Slam Dunk contestants, Terrence Ross – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3088Fbm7G8


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