Raptors Locker Room – MoVernie Videos (Exclusive Tour)


In 2008, during the NBA season, I was very fortunate and lucky to be able to tour the Raptors locker room. They were having a sports apparel sale and only a few people saw the advertisement. We got to tour the locker room and buy Raptors jerseys.

I still remembered we walked through CentreSports store, took the Raptors Players often used elevators to the lower level. Walked through the hallway and then into the Raptors locker room. Saw the silver Raptors logo entrance and inside was a semi-circular locker room. Two flat screen televisions and an entrance to the players lounge as well.

That was amazing, to be able to check where all the players lockers are located. Who had their own corner or own space and who is sitting beside each other, it was cool.

Very exclusive as you don’t get to see it very often. Once in a life-time experience.

Just wanted to share with my MoVernie fans. www.movernie.com

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