Raptors Playoffs 2018 – MoVernie Burning Questions


It’s great that the Toronto Raptors, for the 1st time in franchise history that they finished 1st in the Eastern Conference Standing. This is something to be proud of and something to celebrate, no doubt about it!

But as we all know, playoffs is a different breed. Refs called the game differently. Coaches uses different strategies and lots of match up game plans. The bench gets shorter. The entire playoff atmosphere is different.

MoVernie Burning Questions:

  1. Which DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry do we get in the playoffs? In the past few years, both DeRozan and Lowry played very well during the regular season. But when playoffs comes, they took turn struggling. We had ever seen both DeMar and Kyle playing a strong stretch of playoffs game being themselves.
  2. Will Coach Dwane Casey let the 2nd Unit “Bench Mob” play its effective free-flowing game comes playoff time? During the regular season, the 2nd Unit was such a treat to watch. Everyone was sharing the rock, passing to the person who has the highest % to get the shot in. Will these guys forced to play a slower pace of game?
  3. Will DeMar DeRozan stepped up his game like a man and really play like a franchise player?
  4. Will he stop complaining how he doesn’t get the fouls he normally gets during the regular season games? Or will he complains how he didn’t know he doesn’t have enough space and time to aim at the net to shoot coz he is double or triple teamed?
  5. When the game is on the line, will Coach Casey go back to the stupid ISO plays where everyone at the game knows DeMar is going to take a 18 foot jumper on the left side of the arc and rims out?
  6. Will CJ Miles show up during the playoffs and not go stone cold behind the arc and offers little else?

These are my burning questions and we will soon find out what happens come this year’s playoff.

What are your questions about the Toronto playoffs this season?


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