Raptors Trade Analysis – After The Trading Deadline (March 25, 2021)


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The NBA trading deadline has came to a close at 3:00 pm ET today. In particular, the Toronto Raptors were super busy making trades, however, the main player who has created lots of media buzz over the past few weeks, Kyle Lowry is staying put. Below are the trades that were completed by the Toronto Raptors and I will go over each of them and provide you with my analysis. I will let you know my thoughts and whether it’s a good trade or a bad trade for the Toronto Raptors down the road.

Trade That Didn’t Happen:

Many NBA and Raptors fans, including myself thought that our longest serving player, Kyle Lowry would be traded so that he can go on another NBA championship run with another contending team. And I would think the Raptors would want to get some assets back so the new players can learn the system and get to know the existing Raptors core group. That didn’t happen and although a bit a surprise but I did understand why the trade didn’t happen.

Here is the situation. The only teams who are interested in Lowry’s service are contending teams, so there are only a few handful of them who needs a starting PG. In particular, the Philadelphia 76ers is one of the teams that show interests but they don’t want to give up on young potential players such as Tyrese Maxey and Matisse Thybulle. The 76ers opted to trade for veteran George Hill from OKC Thunder instead. Although I don’t think the Philly made the right move for not trading for Lowry since I think that if they trade for Lowry, he will help push the 76ers to the next level. Anyhow, with 76ers closing the door, the only other options are the Miami Heat and LA Clippers.

However, here is another problem. The LA Clippers don’t have any draft picks to trade for Lowry nor do they have any young players that the Raptors are interested. Clippers decided to trade for veteran Rajon Rondo from the Atlanta Hawks in exchange for Lou Williams. Clippers have addressed the starting PG position as Rondo brings playoffs experience, he is a great playoff player and he helped the Lakers won the ring last year. Now, it’s his mission to help the other LA team, the Clippers to win a title.  So…Clippers was out of the picture to trade for Lowry.

Then the last team, Miami Heat, which was rumoured to push to get Kyle Lowry made their decision to trade for Rockets Victor Oladipo. I think the Heat just didn’t want to give up Duncan Robinson or Tyler Herro. With this trade with the Rockets, the Heat got another proven player who can score and defend (when healthy) without having to deal their younger players. Quite honestly, I was hoping the Raptors get get Tyler Herro but again, even if the Heat gets Lowry, I don’t think the Heat has the team who can win the title. Having Oladipo without having to give up too much is the right move for the Heat. In fact, I think they are the winner at this NBA trading deadline. The ONLY question mark for the Heat is that they need some front size. They traded Kerry Olynyk in the Oladipo trade that they only have Bam Adebayo and Precious Achiuwa. Perhaps if LaMarcus Aldridge negotiates a buyout with the San Antonio Spurs so that they can shore up their front court.

With all the aforementioned teams opted for other options, there just ain’t any other teams that make sense. In order to trade for Kyle Lowry, the teams have to be playoff bound. With Lowry making $30M this season, the assets coming back to Toronto has match a certain percentage of the outgoing salary. Last but not least, Raptors have to get players that they want. It requires so many pieces to fall into the puzzle that makes things difficult. I think teams such as the 76ers may probably sign Lowry during the off season for a cheaper contract without having to deal any assets right now.

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Norman Powell Traded to Portland Trailblazers

Raptors Receives: Rodney Hood and Gary Trent Jr.

Trailblazers Receives: Norman Powell

Personally, I would have luv to resign Norman Powell as he is still pretty young at 27 years old at his prime. However, if Raptors think they don’t want to lock lots of money to resign Powell, then it makes sense to trade him. Norman Powell is traded to Portland Trailblazers for Rodney Hood and Gary Trent Jr.

Although I would prefer the Raptors get both Gary Trent Jr. and Anfernee Simons, but this trade is still a pretty good return for the Toronto Raptors. I like Gary Trent Jr. I watched him a number of times on TV and I luv his mental toughness and his repertoire. He is like a younger version of Powell at a cheaper price. Trent can shoot 3’s, going inside and attack the paint, can bring up the ball and he is a finisher. Numerously time at crunch time in the 4th quarter, I had seen him made a number of tough shots.

Additionally, although undersized, Rodney Hood can rebound, shoot 3’s, a great left handed front court player that can help the Raptors. He hustles and play good defense. So, overall, I like this deal.

MoVernie FUN FACT: Did you know…..that Gary Trent Jr.’s father once played for the Toronto Raptors back in 1998? It’s quite cool that the son is now playing for Toronto as well.

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Matt Thomas Traded to Utah Jazz

Raptors Receives: Future second-round pick

Jazz Receives: Matt Thomas

Utah has lots of shooters and guards already, so adding Matt Thomas is just putting on their bench to have another shooter in case they need one. I like Matt’s 3pter percentage but for some reasons, he couldn’t get playing minutes for Nick Nurse, which ironically, the Raptors is a 3pter shoot happy team!

Since Matt Thomas doesn’t get any playing minutes with the Raptors, getting a 2nd round pick back for Toronto would make sense and hopefully, with the great scouting team in Toronto, they have the personnel who can find hidden gems late in the 2nd rounds.

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Terrence Davis Traded to Sacramento Kings

Raptors Receives: Future second-round pick

Kings Receives: Terrence Davis

Last year, in his 1st NBA season, Terrence Davis shows lots of promises and he was playing super well coming off the bench. Although sometimes he makes stupid mistakes and committed lazy fouls but that’s to be expected for a rookie. Unfortunately, just as we thought he will make more strides and progress in his 2nd year, he was involved in the domestic assault against his girl friend and his child. Although he wasn’t fined or discipline and although the Raptors picked up his contract, perhaps the case was really into his head that he didn’t provide much impact this season and he slowly losing playing minutes. Perhaps the Raptors just wanted to trade Davis away and just close the file.



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