Raptors Vs Warriors – Jeremy Lin (Asian Heritage Night)


MoVernie tour continues last night at the ACC, when the Raptors were hosting the Golden State Warriors on a rare Monday night show down. Since the Warriors is a west coast team, it visits Toronto once per NBA season. This year is extra special because Jeremy Lin from Havard, became the first Tawainese player to make it to the NBA. Thus, the Raptors made this special Asian Heritage night. Before the tipoff of the game, the strong Asian heritage was already around the building, with Asian fans everywhere, wearing Jeremy Lin’s jerseys or their respective heritage cultural committees tshirts. Even the national anthem was sang by an Asian group. The Raptors took a 8-0 run lead to start off the game. However, that lead was quickly vanished when the Warriors stromed back after a time out and took the lead for the rest of the game. #7 Jeremy Lin, unexpectedly came into the game ahead of schedule when Stephen Curry was down with an ankle problem with a minute left in the first quarter. Jeremy calmly stepped on to the court and took over the point guard position. He utilized his speed often, blewing by Raptors Jose Calderon with ease and manuvering in the paint, acting as a facilitator and dishing out the ball to his teammates. Lin registered his first assist of the night when he dished the ball to Monta Ellis while Lin was banged hard on the floor after the play. Then Lin picked up himself quickly and immediately storming down the court to guard his man. At the end, the Raptors fell short and lost the game to the visiting Warriors by the score of 109-102. The Raptors came out of the gate slow and even though they were making a few runs in the late quarters, with the help of Leondro Barbosa, it was a little too late, especially when Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry were hitting the lights out in the 4th quarter. Anyhow, I felt great to be Asian and it was so awesome when Jeremy Lin’s name was called during the game. My peeps and I gave him a standing ovation and it was so patriotic! At the end of the boxscore, Lin registered 3 points, 3 assists, 2 steals, 2 blocks and most importantly, 15 minutes of play (which is relatively high playing time for Lin so far in the young NBA season).

As an added bonus, I went to a post game Asian Heritage event, hosted by the Canadian Chinese Youth Athletics Association (CCYAA). Honestly, I have never heard of this organization before, but after this event, I realized this is a well-run organization. The main purpose of this non-profit organization is to use sports to help develop leadership skills for young people across the GTA. It was established in 1995, the CCYAA services over 2,000 youths through a variety of sports, cultural/community programs and events. I really like how people are willing to contributing some of their busy time to give back to the communities. Youth is our future and developing great leaders of the world are key to our future. The hostesses, I must say were beautiful, they were nba knowledgeable and were able to control the pace of the entire event. It isn’t easy to hold a microphone on a court, facing a group of youth and be able to deliver a success event. Kudos to that! Respect! Anyhow, everyone had a great time. My friend got a very nice Raptors gym bag. Seeing kids being able to go on the Raptors court and made a few shots were a treat to watch! Best yet, we saw Jarrett Jack in person, he was the best Raptors player for this game, registering 24pts. He was limping as he walked across the court. Cool guy and answering as many questions as he could. I would like to attend a few more heritage event at the ACC in the future, but this was definitely icing on the cake after the game. Now that I have met basically every Raptor player, I would like to meet Amir Johnson.

Until next time….MoVernie is outta here!


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