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I still recalled during my Press Trip in Montreal, Quebec covering the Air Canada Airbus A220 Launch Party, I was watching the InstaStories and I happened to be watching stories posted by Raymond Cua, aka @TravellinFoodie on his dining experience at Ricarda’s Toronto that evening. The unique “Kitchen Party” experience that he got looked amazing. In his stories, he was showcasing the number of good food items and drinks that he had during the event.

So…out of curiosity, I reached out to him and wanted to learn more about the Ricarda’s Kitchen Party and how it works and whether it’s worthwhile. As you know, I am also curious and I am a huge foodie, so I always ask questions. Raymond, as per usual, was very responsive to answer my questions. He was super helpful and super happy when peeps such as myself show interest.

To my surprise, a few days later after asking all the questions about the #RicardasKitchenParty, Raymond reached out and asked me if I wanted to attend the Kitchen Party the Wednesday after and I could bring 3 guests. Without hesitation, of course, I said “Yes”! To me, the BEST part in life is when you least expect anything, you simply genuinely was interested about the event and you just ask questions and unexpectedly, you got rewarded to attend an event that you are curious about.

At the Ricarda’s Kitchen Party, we chatted with the staff, chefs and executives and apparently, the concept of “Kitchen Party” is super popular in Europe. It’s basically a casual party where the chefs prepare food from the kitchen and patrons and friends just grab the food casually, enjoy drinks, food samples, and dance the night away with great live music. So…Ricarda decided to bring this concept to Toronto.

Here is a summary of how Ricarda’s Kitchen Party works:

  • You order e-tickets online at the Ricarda’s website. Look for the “Ricarda’s Kitchen Party” tab. Each Wednesday evening in January and February 2020, starting from 6:00 pm, the kitchen party starts
  • Then, on the evening of the kitchen party, head over to Ricarda’s Toronto restaurant, lineup outside. For a short wait, the entrance is open, you walk through the red carpet and the greeter will guide you to the back of the room for coat check (complimentary), check in with the staff and the staff will hand out each pouch to each attendee.
  • The pouch comes with 3 drinking tokens + a spoon + a tweezer (yes, you heard it right, a tweezer)
  • There are food stations located throughout the restaurant. This includes deli meat, freshly shucked oysters, macrons, ice cream cones, grilled lamb chops, grilled octopus, risotto, ceviche, yakitori (Japanese BBQ), etc. (I was informed by the executives that each Wednesday, some of the items will remain a stable and they will rotate certain food items that will be different each Wednesday evening)
  • Basically, you serve yourself, you grab whatever food items that interest you. The spoon and tweezer that they handed out are the utensils for you to use it to consume the food.
  • Unlimited food while they last, this includes the food stations as well as hors d’oeuvres. From what I saw that evening, they were still serving food until end of the party, so there was good amount of food being served
  • There was a bar station that serves beer (Estrella Damm from Spain), a special cocktail and wine. There was also a separate wine station just to keep the lineup to a minimum

So…how much is all this Kitchen Party costs? Well….$55 + tax (including gratuity). Although my guests and I didn’t have to pay to attend this kitchen party since we were invited, I have to say…if I have to pay for an event, this Ricarda’s Kitchen Party will be an event in Toronto that I will be wiling to pay coz it’s a reasonable deal and it’s a great event to be. And here is why.

For $55 + tax (including gratuity), you have unlimited food to eat throughout the entire night. The food stations serve the food in sample size but you get to go back and back to the food items that you enjoyed to eat. Also, the food being served were top quality ingredient and they were tasty. Every food station was amazing, in particular, for me, I love the fresh oysters, the grilled lamb chops were juicy and tender. The Yakitori bacon and scallops smelled good and delicious.

Think about it, alot of restaurants and bars charged cocktails, beer or wine from $10-$15 a drink. Let’s say conservatively, each drink is about $12 in a typical bar, that’s about $35 for 3 drinks. $55 – $35, that’s basically $20 for the all-you-can-eat food. Even plus tax, that’s a pretty good deal for the Ricarda’s Kitchen Party if you ask me.

Everything is great at the Ricarda’s Kitchen Party. They even have a station where they serve you liquid nitrogen food that you can intake and puff through your nose and mouth, it was a cool experience and perfect for the InstaStories.

There isn’t much to complain about this kitchen party. However, a few things could be done better if there are a few more veggie options for those who doesn’t necessary eat meat. I have also suggested perhaps a more variety of cocktails rather than just one option. The management appreciates our feedback and I am sure they will continue to improve and enhance the Kitchen Party experience. Otherwise, it’s a good experience. The lineup was pretty short that evening and food were served until almost at the end of the party.

For $55 + tax (including gratuity) for 3 drinking tokens and all-you-can-eat top quality food items? This is a worth while experience. The “Kitchen Party” is definitely a good concept and since it’s happening every Wednesday night, it’s a perfect way for you and your friends to go through the Hump Day!

For more INFO about purchasing tix to attend Ricarda’s Kitchen Party, please click here.

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The Ricarda’s Kitchen Party was provided by Ricarda Toronto & Raymond Cua (@TravellinFoodie). However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.

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