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Portia The Pom - MoDoggy

My bro, aka MoKenny found this awesome Roots Canada dog hoodie for his puppy, Portia The Pom (follow her on Instagram @PortiaThePom). Quite honestly, I am a big fan of Roots products, not only it’s a Canadian brand but it also produces good fashion style, especially in its winter collections.

I didn’t know Roots Canada makes dog outfits, so it is nice to know.

The Roots Canada dog hoodie fits perfectly onto Portia. The hoodie is nicely designed with nice colours, seems to have a good slim fit. It also have a leash hole on the upper back of the hoodie so that a leash can pass through. I ain’t a dog owner myself so to me, I am impressed and really appreciate the designer really think it through with this design.

I think this is a perfect holiday gift for your own dog, don’t you think?

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And MoVernie is outta here!

Portia The Pom - MoDoggyPortia The Pom - MoDoggy Portia The Pom - MoDoggy


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