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A while back, I was invited by the Windsor Arms Hotel to check out its new Sunday Brunch Buffet. That was phenomenal. Then, a few weeks later, Windsor Arms Hotel reached out to me again and asked me if I would like to try its latest new spa treatment called the “Salt Cave”. When I first heard it, I was curious. That’s because this was the first time I heard of a Salt Cave session, but what is it? So I wanted to give it a try. You know me, I am always down for a new, unique experience.

But before I went and try this spa treatment, I asked the Windsor Arms staff to provide me with more information via email. All of my followers will know that I am all about gathering information and select the best options available for each particular situation. For me, I think it’s important that I am informed of the treatment and learn more about it. Anything in life, whether it’s the food that we consume, the vitamin tablets that we intake or anything other things in life, it’s important we are informed and know what we are taking into our body. Health is of essence and it’s essential that we do that.

In this case, it was no different, the Windsor Arms staff had promptly sent me some helpful information via email about this Salt Cave treatment. She told me that the proper name for this particular session is called “Halotherapy“. “Halos” is the Greek word for salt, and Halotherapy is an ancient salt therapy that has been used for centuries.

Furthermore, they said studies have shown that regular treatments may improve the following conditions: Respiratory ailments & lung function (incl. bronchitis, emphysema & asthma), skin conditions (incl. psoriasis, eczema & acne), allergies, sinusitis & ear infections, Cystic Fibrosis, improve blood circulation & lower blood pressure, strengthen immune system & protect against respiratory viruses (incl. the common cold and flu) as well as reduce stress.

After reading all the health benefits the Salt Cave could provide with regular treatment visits, I want to give it a try just to experience it ALL! I really want to know what it was all about. So, I booked an appointment to make my special appearance. I did ask the staff one last question. Since the Salt Cave mimics a real cave, would it be freezing in there. She said, “Definitely not, the cave is in a temperature of around 16-17C, which is relatively cooler than normal room temperature but a long sleeve t-shirt would be sufficed. Besides, there will be warm blankets provided if you do feel a bit cold”. The timing was perfect as I was heading to Kissimmee, Orlando the following week on a media trip that covers the World Food Championships, so I wanted to pamper myself on a Sunday Funday, to refresh and relax and be ready for my media trip. Since she had answered all of my questions or concerns, I was so excited to experience this Halotherapy.

My appointment was booked at 2p.m. afternoon. Since I was about an hour early, after I parked my car at the Green P (located just a street from Windsor Arms), I had decided to spend about an hour walking around Yorkville. I grabbed a coffee at Starbucks, checked out the Roots Canada and Cole Hann stores and ready to head for the Salt Cave Spa Experience.

The moment I walked close to the entrance, a courteous doorman gave me a warm smile and opened the door for me. Once I was inside the lobby, headed to the counter, another friendly staff greeted and welcomed me. I told her that I was here for the Salt Cave appointment. She saw my name on the booking system and informed me to take the elevator to the 4th floor and the Spa service will be on the right hand side of the elevator.

As the door opened at the 4th floor, I could see all the beautiful celebrity photo frames being displayed along the long corridor wall. The corridor is dimmed perfectly so the spot lights could shine brightly on these superstars’ photos. Although, the friendly staff from downstairs told me the Spa Room is on the right hand side of the corridor, I couldn’t resist checking all the beautiful celebrities’ frames along the left corridor, so I just kept walking and see more superstars’ photos such as Mack Jagger and Marilyn Monroe on the wall.

Salt Cave at Windsor Arms

After examining the beautiful photo collections, I had decided to go back to the other side and enter the Spa Room. As I opened the door, to my surprise, the place is modern and with white cabinets and countertop, giving it a clean feel to the place. A friendly reception greeted me and asked for my name. Once I provided her with my name, she handed me a questionnaire, information that requires me to read and also providing them with my medical information to ensure that I am qualify to undergo the spa treatment.

Salt Cave at Windsor Arms

After I had completed filling in the questionnaire, she guided me upstairs to the men’s locker room. I told the staff, “Honestly, I never expected this place to have 2 levels and it’s bigger than I thought, especially coming through a narrow corridor.” She smiled and said “Yes, very glad you are impressed already and yes indeed we have a number of spa sections here”. Before I walked into the men’s locker room, the staff informed me that the lockers are digital and I can put my belongings in there. Simply wear the slippers and bathrobe provided and come down to the lounge room to grab a scone and tea before the treatment.

Salt Cave at Windsor Arms

Inside the men’s locker room, the digital locker section was on one side, a few doors leading to spa treatments were on the other side. As I walked further in, there were shower stalls so I can take a shower afterwards. There was a big washroom and beside it was the pamper area where we can shave, wash our hands, blow dry our hair and apply body lotion on our skin. The only thing I would have loved to see was having a liquid soap bottle inside the washroom since it had its own sinks there. And I would love to have mouthwash in the locker room, especially after enjoying a nice scone and tea at the lounge area.


As I came out of the men’s locker room, I found a comfy sofa to sit on and began to read the magazines that were provided on the shelve. After a few minutes, the staff came over and guided me to the Salt Cave room. Outside the wooden door, you could clearly see a big lettering sign “Salt Cave” in front of the door. Moment she opened the door, I was impressively surprised. The room looked just like a cave, as exactly as what they described to me via the email. You could tell the designers put lots of thoughts into it to make the cave super cozy. It’s dimly lit to give it a cave atmosphere but at the same time, very warmth and cozy. It must be the yellow and golden light fixtures which provided that warm feel. On the ground were the salts, they were in very fine and delicate sizes. I felt like walking in a beach as my slippers walk on it, it felt good. In particular, I really like the ceiling, they made it as if icicles were everywhere on top of you. I honestly felt like I was really in a cave! Inside the room lied 4 lawn chairs, they were wrapped with comfy headrests along with 4 blankets placed on each chair.

Salt Cave at Windsor Arms


The staffs told me to sit on one of the comfy chairs, had my bathrobe on and if needed, wrap myself with a warm blanket. Honestly, the temperature inside the cave was cool but not freezing or cold. Exactly what the staff told me prior to my visit. I do, however, have a “hot body base”, temperature wise that is, so I felt warm. To many others, I don’t think they will find it cold but the warm blanket they provided would be welcoming to other people.

Salt Cave at Windsor Arms

The staff told me the entire session takes about 45 minutes. She said the cave acted as the main healing factor, providing natural benefits of the salt caves microclimate. The cave is darkened with ambient lighting to provide a relaxation environment. She informed me that I would hear some ventilation sound generated by a machine that pumps out salt and negative ions in the air. She suggested me to be in a calm, relaxing state and slowly developed a rhythmic inhale and exhale state.

Salt Cave at Windsor Arms

And off she goes to turn on the machine, door was closed and I was in there on my own to experience this Salt Cave therapy. I must admit, in the first 7 minutes, I wasn’t quite getting used to sitting around the chair and doing nothing. I am used to checking my smart phones and interact with my followers via Twitter, Instagram, Periscope or Facebook, so sitting there, not being able to drink a coffee or read a magazine was a bit weird for me. However, as I made adjustment to close my eyes and listen to my own breathing and the gentle music provided in the background of the cave, I felt very comfy. In fact, it was a much needed relax state that I hadn’t have for a long time as I am always on the MOVE, things just move so quickly. But sitting in the cave, doing nothing, relax my mental and physical state, inhaling the salt and negative ions, it starting to feel good. After a while, I felt asleep into a mini-nap.

Salt Cave at Windsor Arms

After the 45 minute session was completed, the staff knocked on the door and told me the session was complete. She asked how I felt. I told her that I felt very well and it was super relaxing. She said it was nice to hear and told me to go to the men’s locker room so I could pamper myself.

I took a nice hot shower, the shampoo, conditioner and body wash were in abundance of supply, and towels were in abundance as well and soft and comfy. I placed the used bathrobe and slippers into the assigned appropriate bins provided. Sat on the sofa inside the locker room to put on my clothes and shoes.

After I came out of the locker room, I walked towards the end of the spa area and I realized it had a patio. Although it was not warm enough to walk outside the patio but I am sure it would be available come in the summer. Beside the patio, there was a fitness room. I had decided to chill at the glass table overlooking the patio. The staff came over and offered me a fruity tea and a freshly baked mini cookie made by the pastry chef at Windsor Arms. Those who had already been to the Sunday Brunch or Sunday Afternoon Tea know Windsor Arms are famous for its pastry, scones and bakery. The tea and mini cookies definitely added the overall experience to the Salt Cave Therapy. It was a great finale after such a unique and pleasant experience.

Salt Cave at Windsor Arms

Salt Cave at Windsor Arms

After chilling at the table for another 30 minutes, I walked downstairs to the spa lobby and thanked the staff for their wonderful service and providing me with all the helpful information that I needed to share with my followers, which are you guys!

FYI – I would like to let you know that ever since after my Salt Cave Therapy at Windsor Arms Hotel, I had much better good night sleeps for the entire week, which I hadn’t had for a while. I personally felt that inhaling the salt and negative ions definitely helped. But I also think that by spending 45 minutes of doing nothing but simply in a relaxing mental and physical state in the cave, listening to gentle music and my own breathing rhythm definitely also contribute to the good sleeps that I had after. So, it was a win-win situation.

If you ask me if I would do it again, I would definitely do it again. It’s a unique, creative, effective and healthy spa experience. There aren’t many spa services that offer Salt Cave services, Windsor Arms most likely be the one of few places that offers Salt Cave experience. I highly recommend it and MoVernie Approved!

What I would like to experience the next time I ever visit again for the Salt Cave Therapy would be the following:

1) Each session (45 minutes) is $50. It is suggested by the spa staff that to really feel a full effect and benefits of the Salt Cave Therapy, an individual should come on a regular basis rather than just coming once. If I can feel the benefits of better sleep for just one visit, I wonder how much more beneficial if I come regularly.

Single Session (45 minutes) – $50
5 Sessions – $200
10 Sessions – $350

2) What it’s like going to the Salt Cave Therapy with 3 other friends? How would the experience be? Will we be talking or chilling but able to share the experience and talk about it afterwards as shared moments?

3) Or how do I feel sharing the room with 3 other strangers, would it be a good networking and meeting new people place or it would still be relaxing states?

4) I would like to have a spa treatment one time in the summer and get to use the patio area. How would the experience be sipping a tea out in the outdoor patio.

I personally is the type of person who likes to be alone when it comes to massage or spa treatments, no distraction, no unwanted noise and just wanted to relax and soak up the experience on my own, so it would be interesting if I share the Salt Cave with other people, it would definitely be something I don’t mind experience. Every situation brings out a different vibe and experience for everyone.

My Salt Cave Therapy Experience was covered by Windsor Arms. However, as always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

Check out the Windsor Arms Halotherapy here.

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And MoVernie is outta here!

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