Samsung Galaxy S7 Product Launch – Kygo Music



This past Thursday was the global launch of the anticipated Samsung Galaxy S7 smart phone product launch. Samsung Canada invited MoVernie and his crew to the product launch party being held at the Uniun Nightclub.

Event goers were able to talk to some staff to learn more about the new S7 smart phones. Moreover, Samsung Canada made this event into a party! They flew in the ever popular DJ Kygo to dish out some sick beats and his signature tropical music. I really enjoy his signature track “Firestone“. He made the mood very soothing . And the calm of peacefulness, I really love his comforting music!

Moreover, the ever successful VELD Music Festival (which I have been supporting and covering the events since its first year of existence) announced its first headliner for this year’s VELD 2016, which is Kygo Music. Rain or shine, this will be one of the best music festival of the summer in Toronto.

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Thank you Samsung Canada for reaching out and inviting our MoVernie Crew!

Kygo Music can be listened here.

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