Seafood Palace – Lake Charles, Louisiana


Seafood Palace, as I was told, is a local favourite seafood restaurant in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Don’t let the simple storefront fools you, it may not look fancy and there is only a simple sign with the name and that’s it. I always know, a hole in the wall restaurant or a mama papa shop are always the best. They don’t need to put money into making the place fancy coz the food sells for itself.

The resto offers a long list of seafood items. It took me a while to narrow down what I wanted to eat as I wanted to order everything on the menu coz they either sounds delicious or sounds very unique.

The locals suggested us to order the crawfish as they said it’s a MUST ORDER, this resto minimum order for crawfish is 4 lbs and they said 4 lbs sounds alot but it actually isn’t, since crawfish are not super big, so it’s actually a normal typical order for an individual. We ordered a bunch of appetizers to share, such as fried green beans, fried pickles, gator bites and they were all delicious.

As I turned around to the table beside us, there were 8 people and they each ordered a 48 lb crawfish, and I guess that’s how they roll here in Lake Charles for a big family gathering. The crawfish also includes sausages and corns.

I ordered a stuffed shrimp, frog legs (yup, that’s correct, I ordered frog legs) and a small chicken & sausage gumbo. They also offer shrimp gumbo but I was told the chicken & sausage gumbo is the signature dish here at Seafood Palace. And I was glad I ordered the chicken & sausage gumbo. There wa\s a strong smokey aroma to the gumbo, lots of ingredients in the chicken and the sausage, coupled with the steam rice, it’s a perfect combo. I was glad that I only ordered the small order vs the large order, coz in my opinion, the small order was good enough for me and it’s still pretty good amount of food. If you plan to order other food items to try, small is good enough.

I enjoyed this place. It’s nice and simple, casual, laid-back and the food was amazing. The service was great as well. We had 12+ people at our table and yet the server was able to nail each order perfectly and didn’t mess up our order at all, that’s excellent service!

Seafood Palace
Address: 2218 Enterprise Blvd, Lake Charles, LA 70601, United States
Phone: +1 337-433-9293


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