Sher Club: Private Party with Raptors GM Masai Ujiri (Exclusive VIP)


Drake, our Raptors Global Ambassador had quietly opened an exclusive
sports club in Toronto’s Air Canada Centre. It’s called the “Sher Club,” in
honour of his grandparents Rueben & Evelyn Sher. The Sher Club has been
under the radar a bit as it’s a members-only club at the Air Canada Centre (ACC). The club itself
was a joint venture between Drake, MLSE, the ACC and high-end architectural
designer Ferris Rafauli.

Last month, I was invited to attend a very Exclusive VIP Private Party
at this intimate 4,000 sq. ft. space. Raptors GM Masai Ujiri invited 30 Raptors
Season Ticket Holders and their plus ones to check out the Sher Club. What
makes this club special is the fact that it’s members-only. This means in most
occasions, you have to be a member in order to have access to this Club.
The only other times you can access this establishment is by invite-only to a
private event.

This place is definitely a hidden gem, a paradise I should say with
beautiful classy servers along with beautiful red velvet booths and shinny
smooth marble floors. My favourite spot? There is a very private circular VIP
room behind the bar counter which you could reserve this room and enjoy a very
private intimate night out with your friends. There is a big flat TV screen,
white leather circular sofa and arm chairs. Bottles of champagne everywhere and
beautiful chandeliers hanged up in the ceiling.

During the private event with Raptors GM Masai Ujiri, he sat on the high
stool near the entrance of the Sher Club, and then he thanked everyone for
coming to this special event. He also thanked everyone for their continual
support to the Toronto Raptors. There was a Q&A Session as well and Masai
was down-to-earth and basically tried to answer as many questions as he can. In
fact, he was very transparent with some sensitive questions by the Season
Tickets Holders but he answered them as well. Whatever happens that was discussed & mentioned inside the Sher
Club, stays in the Sher Club.

Inside the Sher Club, there were at least 10+ red velvet booths near the
walls of one end of the establishment. Then, there were a number of mini sofa booths in
the centre of the room. More long sofas located outside the club near the balcony area. Bar stations were located on both ends of the club. Everything is chic, modern and luxurious at the Sher Club. The only thing that
they could improve on is the lack of washroom stalls in the club. There was only one men and
women washroom. So, if someone is taking a #2, you have to walk out of the club
and use the regular public washrooms. Since it’s a members-only club, I
wouldn’t expect members to walk out of the club to use the regular washrooms. But with hundreds of patrons in the club, I would assume the odds of having more than 1 person wanting to use the club’s washroom will be high, so I expect traffic washroom jam in the club.

As far as I am concerned, being a member at the Sher Club is very
exclusive. Minimum requirement is that you have to be a Platinum
Raptors Season Ticket Holder. So, if your season tickets aren’t even in the
platinum seats but any other section season seats such as the  nosebleeds up in the 300 levels? You won’t be eligible. In
addition, you will have to pay an annual membership fee of $7500 per
membership. Since most people will have a pair of season tickets, that means
you will pay about $15,000 for 2 memberships. Furthermore, you will have to pay $2000
initiation fee for each membership. In total, you are looking at paying $15,000
+ $4000 = $19,000 for two Sher Club memberships. However, I highly recommend
you to consult a MLSE Sales Representative for further more information and the
exact costs as the price or the requirement to become a member may vary or changed based on the last
time I spoke with them. Also, if you are a Maple Leafs Season Ticket Holder, I
highly recommend you to consult with your Maple Leafs sales representative as

Once you are members there, you could basically access the Sher Club
almost every game night (or perhaps even during concert nights – please check with the sales representative) but I highly recommend you to make a reservation
especially during special theme nights. I was told that many members got turned
away during Drake Night as the place was fully booked. You will have to pay for
your drinks and food once inside the Sher Club as the membership only covers
your access and entry to the Sher Club.

Food was top notch delicious though. In particular, I really enjoyed its crab cakes and the juicy rack of lamb chops. There were lots of beer choices at the bar stations. And of course, various selections of wine and cocktails.

A lot of my peeps asked me if it’s worthwhile to become a member. My
answer? YES! Totally YES! Although it is a lot of money just paying for the
membership alone but it’s very exclusive. Think about the high quality of peeps
at the Sher Club. If you are an entrepreneur or executive wanting to network
and meet solid potential clients? This is the place to be. You also get
bragging rights ahead of everyone, getting access to the newest hotspots in
town. This is where all the big shots are going to hang out before or during or
after the game. 

One KEY perks about the Sher Club is that, unlike other
Platinum Facilities inside the ACC, once the game is over, those venues are
closed, you are forced to leave and go elsewhere to party. Not at the Sher Club, members
can party it up after the game and party til 2am. Imagine, a high volume of
fans all trying to leave the building, congesting traffic, meanwhile, you and
your peeps can chill inside the Sher Club, all cozy up. You don’t have to travel out
in the cold to another club, paying admission and bottle service again. Instead, you
are chilling inside the Sher Club. All in one building. Imagine all the
celebrities and athletes you may bump into especially during all-star game?
(Check with the sales representatives to see if you have access to that).

My verdict? If you have the dough, I highly recommended you to be a member
of the Sher Club. Not going to lie, it’s definitely gear towards high-end people but it is extremely exclusive. Paying close to $20,000 for 2
memberships are definitely seem expensive to most normal people but to the rich people, $20,000 is possibly easy money and well-spent in their eyes.
I am grateful and thankful to be one of the first to tour and party at the Sher Club as not many peeps have a chance to check this place out yet. You sure
won’t be disappointed and you will sure want to become an elite member
accessing this place! Oh, after you become a member, before you leave, grab the special Sher Club Cigars. You have made it my friend!

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