Siesta Key Beach – Sarasota, Florida: Top Beach in Florida! Top Beach in USA! Top Beach in the World!


There are tons of beaches around the world but not every beach is beautiful. I have to say that the moment I stepped my feet on the fine sand at the Siesta Key Beach, and I stared out at the beautiful sunset, I felt in love with Siesta Key Beach!

Siesta Key Beach is located in the city of Sarasota, Florida. With just about 1 hour and 15 minutes drive from the Tampa International Airport, you will get to experience the beautiful Siesta Key Beach. What’s so special about this Siesta Key Beach is the makeup of the fine sand. The sand is made of 99% pure Quartz, which means it’s soft and cool on the feet even under super hot summer. And I can confirm this is true as I walked on the fine sand and my feet never feel burned.

I also find that this beach isn’t super crowded, so I can easily find a spot to sunbath without much human distraction and unwanted noise. Beach goers around this area seem to be quite friendly and nice as well. The beach is clean. When I walked toward the ocean water, the surface was comfy to walk onto, there aren’t many sharp rocky objects that would make me uncomfortable, so this is another major plus about this Siesta Key Beach.

Depending on your preference as a sunrise or sunset person, I highly recommend to come to this beach during sunset time, it’s so relaxing to watch the round orangey red sun slowly disappear into the horizon and just chilling and enjoying the view.

MoVernie TIP: The sunrise and sunset varies throughout the year and months, I highly recommend you to click this link to find out the approximate sunrise and sunset time so you don’t miss out on the magnificent view.

To be honest, the State of Florida is huge, with so many cities such as Miami, Orlando, Tampa just to name a few, I always thought I have know it all about Florida State, and I was super wrong. There are so many amazing destinations still left for me to discover. Flying to Florida never gets old but I highly recommend you to explore the nearby cities or towns that are near the popular destinations so you can learn and experience more about the new cities/towns have to offer. I highly recommend anyone who is planning to visit Tampa or Orlando to also visit the nearby cities/towns. For example, Saraosta, Punta Gorda or Englewood Beach are destinations that are only about an hour or so away from Tampa. It’s super fun to have a mini road trip to explore these other areas.

MoVernie Recommendations – When Visiting Siesta Key Beach

  1. I would recommend you to fly to Tampa International Airport, rent a car and take a drive out to Siesta Key Beach. It’s a nice scenic drive that is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. I would also recommend you to find a place to stay for a few days in Siesta Key Beach or Sarasota, there are so much to do here around this area.
  2. Anytime of the day to visit Siesta Key Beach is a good time but if I have a choice, I would choose to visit during sunrise or sunset. Personally, I am a sunset person, so I prefer sunset and Siesta Key Beach is such an unforgettable experience (see sunset photos below).
  3. There are parking lots around Siesta Key Beach that you can park or park at side streets, but do check on the restrictions or street rules around the area.
  4. There is washroom facility and changing rooms at the main building.
  5. There are wheel chair accessible paths throughout various area of the beach that are made of special rubber path that stretches from the parking lot to the sand area. This means, anyone who relies on wheel chairs can still enjoy the sand and the sunset from the beach. I also would think the path would also be accessible for baby strollers or any type of child wagons to get to the beach. This is a very thoughtful initiative by the City of Sarasota.
  6. Bring towels to sunbath, perhaps your own fold-able chairs and umbrellas. Make sure you bring and apply sunscreens and bring water to hydrate yourself. Shades are a must especially you get to see a bright orangey red sunset. Perhaps having a picnic here would be quite a nice experience.
  7. There are no lifeguard on duty (at least there weren’t any when I was there) so be cautious and swim at your own risk.

Social Media Photogenic Spots:

There are tons of social media worthy spots for you to photoshoot.

  1. The Siesta Key facility building itself is Instagram worthy. The architectural design is worthwhile to snap a few shots.
  2. The fine 99% quartz sand.
  3. The orangey red sunset with the ocean wave and sand. Even a silhouette would be gorgeous.
  4. Although I didn’t see any life guard on duty or whether there are any lifeguards, but there are many beautiful life guard gate houses. They are in pastel colours, you can choose whatever gate house that matches your swim wear, there are pink, yellow, purple, aqua blue, green gate houses and many along the beach.

MoVernie Fun Fact: Siesta Key Beach is super popular due to its 99% quartz sand and its natural beauty. But recently, it got even more famous from the hit MTV Reality Series called “Siesta Key”, the characters in the show lives in Sarasota, Florida and they are being filmed at this Siesta Key Beach. The show attracts tons of fans to come and try their luck to catch a glimpse of these reality stars and sometimes they may even try to check out their mansions from afar. There you go, another reason for you to visit Siesta Key Beach.

Siesta Key Beach
Address: Address: 948 Beach Rd, Sarasota, FL 34242, USA
Phone: +1 941-861-5000
Hours: Open 24 hours

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The visit to Siesta Key Beach and this press trip was provided by Visit Florida and Visit Sarasota. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.



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