Solange Knowles attacks Jay Z in fight caught on video (100th Problems?)


Beyonce’s sister, Solange Knowles appeared to be in an altercation with Jay Z at a Met Gala after-party last week that was apparently caught on surveillance cameras. Who got the special video footage? You know it, TMZ got the footage. Got to give kudos to TMZ, always get into the deep real side of things. After getting Clippers Owner, Donald Sterling into deep water after having his private conversation recorded & shown to the world, here is another video of another famous people caught on tape to show the world.

Photo Credit - TMZ Website

Photo Credit – TMZ Website

Click here to view the Solange and Jay-Z altercation video from TMZ here.

In this 3 minutes of black and white, unedited footage, you could see Beyonce, JayZ, Solange and possibly a body guard entered the elevator. Solange started to push and shove JayZ which later was restrained by the body guard. What’s interesting is that they were inside the elevator for a good 3 minutes. They were pushing inside the elevator as it just stayed at one floor. Then, the elevator began to move up the floors. But for some reason, as the elevator reached 18th floor, they decided to turn back and got back to the ground floor.

What do you think that triggers Solange to be so upset? Beyonce on the other hand seemed to be unfazed and just calmly standing in the elevator. I got to respect JayZ, he didn’t push or shove Solange one bit. He just stood and tried to be calm and not getting into any sorts of pushing and shoving. Respect JayZ for not punching a woman.

I guess right now, JayZ is no longer having 99 problems but 100 problems now. LOL


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