Sous Sol (Speakeasy Bar) located inside Maison Selby – Toronto, Ontario, Canada


I love Speakeasy bars as I love surprises and love some private space to enjoy snack bites and amazing cocktails. However, not all Speakeasy do a good job with its secret entrance or provide some sort of secrecy of privacy. Many places either have people lining up outside or over crowded inside the bar that it makes it like a public place. I hate it when bars do a half-ass on its Speakeasy style.

Not at this bar located inside Maison Selby. It’s called Sous Sol. By the way, if you ever visited Maison Selby, did you even know that there is a private Speakeasy bar inside this restaurant? When you visit Maison Selby, you will notice they had renovated this old brick house and transformed it into a nice restaurant with a nice bar, dining spaces with different room decor giving each section its own unique flavour (perfect for social media posts). I have yet to brunch here but I was told it’s a great place for brunch.

Anyhow, the Speakeasy is located at the basement level. To avoid any spoiler, you will have to explore and find out this Speakeasy bar yourself when you go downstairs. The ONLY clue I am offering is to pay more attention to the white wall.

Drinks are good here. Snack bites are nice. Prices are reasonable. I really enjoyed the tempura green beans. They were lightly battered and maintained the fresh flavour of the green beans. I really like the cozyniess of this bar and great sound proof. You couldn’t hear any noise from outside the bar and no one from outside can hear inside, which is Speakeasy 101 (good sound proof).

I highly recommend you to give this Speakeasy bar a try and let me know if you can find this bar and tell me your thoughts.

Sous Sol (Toronto’s Underground Speakeasy Cocktail Bar) – Inside Maison Selby
Address: 592 Sherbourne St, Toronto, ON M4X 1L4
Phone: (647) 943-1676



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