Spicy Mafia 得裝麻辣燙 – Chinese Hotpot (Markham Location)

Spicy Mafia - Markham Location

Welcome to Spicy Mafia! The decor is hip, casual, youthful, full of vibrant energy.

Spicy Mafia (得裝麻辣燙) is located at 20 Gibson Drive in Markham, Ontario. It’s near Warden & north of Steeles in the new Chinese plaza. Spicy Mafia is affiliated to the well-known Morals Village, so you know they are solid. The major difference? Morals Village is all-you-can-eat (AYCE) hotpot and Spicy Mafia is a la carte style, with each individual getting his/her own Chinese hotpot and soup base.

Spicy Mafia is a great concept since not everyone can do all-you-can-eat all the time or want to spend lots of money all the time. Having individual hotpot at $12.99 (before tax), it includes a good portion of food and soup base. This is definitely a new hotpot spot to enjoy a nice meal at an affordable price while keeping yourself warm. I highly recommend Spicy Mafia.

Quite honestly, when I first got invited to this Exclusive VIP menu tasting, I thought this resto is all about super spicy food items. Don’t let the name scares you, although its signature soup base is “Exclusive Super Spicy”, there are other food items that are mild and non-spicy, which is perfect for peeps who just can’t eat spicy food. Thus, everyone is welcome and there will be a soup base that fits everyone’s taste buds.

Spicy Mafia - Markham Location

Each individual has his/her own hotpot soup base. Soup base can be spicy or mild.

How it works:

At Spicy Mafia, each individual gets his/her own hotpot combo. The a la carte, starting at $12.99 (before tax), this is what you do. [NOTE: Exclusive Spicy Soup Base that starts at $13.99 before tax]:

1) You choose a soup base with a variety of selections
2) Choose a noodle
3) Choose a meat
4) Choose 2 dipping sauces
5) Included toppings that include red sausage, artificial crab meat, lettuce, tofu, lotus roots, corn, potato slices, shrimp, napa cabbage.

Trust me, the portion is generous & it’s good enough for an individual. If you are hungry, you can add extra items such as veggies items at $1.50 per order, noodles at $1.50 per order, $2.50 per meat order and so forth.

MoVernie Fact: What happens when your soup base is running low? No worries, the friendly staff consistently will come check your soup base and ensure your soup base don’t run low. Unlike other hotpot places where they simply pour hot water, at Spicy Mafia, they pour the creamy basic soup to ensure your re-fill maintains a good flavour and not get diluted.

Spicy Mafia also offers a variety of tasty beverages ranging from wintermelon juice to kiwi juice, watermelon juice and many more. I tried the coconut slushy that is only available at Spicy Mafia and it’s delicious. It’s very creamy & full of coconut flavour, perfect with the hotpot combo.

Spicy Mafia - Markham Location

This coconut slushy is creamy and flavourful.

Now, in my case, I ordered the hotpot combo at $12.99. I chose the mild Angelica “Don Caig” creamy soup. Luv it. It’s SO GOOD! Then I selected the fresh “Ho Fun”. I also selected the 2 dipping sauces which were the sesame oil sauce and fresh garlic sauce. I chose the Angus sliced beef. And the rest of the toppings in the pot was part of the combo, which include artificial crab meat, potato slice, lotus slices, tofu, shrimp, nappa cabbage, corn, lettuce, enoki, spam & red sausage. Proportion is generous. Even if you want to order a few extra items, it’s still average less than $20 per person. Very reasonable and affordable.

Spicy Mafia - Markham Location

For $12.99, you get your own soup base, a meat, a noodle, 2 dipping sauces and a standard bowl of included toppings such as crab meat, napa and other veggies.

Overall, I think Spicy Mafia is flawless, it’s definitely a hotpot place that I will go frequently based on its good taste, fresh ingredients, excellent service and affordable price. If there is one thing I would suggest is that if I am paying $2.50 for extra order of meat, I would prefer there are more than 4 thin slices of meat, coz at $2.50, 4 slices maybe too little, I think 6 slices are more reasonable. Other than that, I think Spicy Mafia should continue to expand with more locations because I am sure this place will be a HIT!

If you love hotpot or never tried but open to trying new food items, I highly recommend you to try Spicy Mafia. It’s a great dining experience at a good affordable price. Click here to check out the Spicy Mafia Menu to see all the veggie, meat, noodle, soup base selections.

Limited Promotion: 20% off when you share a picture of their food on social media, so you still got time!

PS – Rumour has it that Spicy Mafia will open a downtown location comes 2017! And this is true! But if you don’t want to wait, I would recommend you to visit Spicy Mafia Markham location. It’s worth the visit!

Thanks to @sweven_media for the Exclusive VIP Tasting Experience.

Spicy Mafia 得裝麻辣燙

20 Gibson Dr #111a
Markham, ON
L3R 0M7
(905) 604-5082

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Spicy Mafia - Markham Location

I ordered watercress (extra item at $1.50).

Spicy Mafia - Markham Location

More extra items such as extra shrimps, squid balls, fresh bamboo shoots, enoki.

Spicy Mafia - Markham Location

Standard food toppings.

Spicy Mafia - Markham Location

Spicy Mafia – #MoVernieApproved


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