Spicy Mafia 得裝麻辣燙 – Chinese Noodles in a pot (Markham Location)

Spicy Mafia - Markham Location

Welcome to Spicy Mafia!

Peeps! From my other MoVernie BLOG, I shared with you about the new hotpot place called “Spicy Mafia”, located in the Markham location. Now, my followers asked me, “What if I don’t want to eat hotpot, are there other alternatives?”. Good question, the answer is “Yes!”.

Although Spicy Mafia’s main food menu is focus on serving Chinese hotpot, but they also serve Chinese noodles in an individual pot. This is perfect for peeps who doesn’t like hotpot or perhaps he/she just doesn’t want hotpot at this particular visit. No worries, you can order Chinese noodles starting at $9.99.

How it works:

At Spicy Mafia, each individual gets his/her own noodle combo. The a la carte, starting at $9.99 (before tax), this is what you do. [NOTE: Laksa Soup Base that starts at $10.99 before tax]:

1) You choose a soup base with a variety of selections
2) Choose a noodle
3) Included twelve standard toppings that include all types of veggies.

If you want to order extra items, there are all kinds for you to choose from at extra cost. Click here to view the noodle combo menu.

In this case, I chose the Laksa soup base with rice vermicelli. The staff first brought an individual propane unit, then placed a pot filled with all the twelve standard toppings that include all types of veggies. Then, the staff slowly pour the Laksa soup base into the pot. As the propane unit began to cook the soup and the fresh ingredients, you put in the noodle into the pot.

Spicy Mafia - Markham Location

Chinese noodle combo with the Latsa soup base.

Latsa soup base was tasty, not too spicy but reasonable level of spicy, it’s perfect with the noodles and ingredients.

MoVernie Tips: Whether you order a hotpot combo or a noodle combo, you can also order snacks. Snacks include tea eggs, Chinese hot pepper chicken and signature chicken nuggets served with tartar sauce and others. Prices range from $1.99 to $5.99.

Overall, whether you choose a $9.99 or $10.99 soup base, the experience of having your noodle being cooked and warmed up throughout the entire dining experience right in front of you was a great concept. I don’t really have any to complain. The only minor item I have perhaps is the $1.00 extra for Japanese udon. I don’t think it should be an extra cost as I think the quality of the rice vermicelli or the fresh “ho fun” were adequate and tasty as the udon at no extra charge. But even if it is $1.00 for the udon, at least I would expect the high quality Japanese version but sadly the version that was provided weren’t the high quality one. But other than that, everything is perfect at Spicy Mafia and I highly recommend you to check it out!

Limited Promotion: 20% off when you share a picture of their food on social media, so you still got time!

PS – Rumour has it that Spicy Mafia will open a downtown location comes 2017! And this is true! But if you don’t want to wait, I would recommend you to visit Spicy Mafia Markham location. It’s worth the visit!

Thanks to @sweven_media for the Exclusive VIP Tasting Experience.

Spicy Mafia 得裝麻辣燙

20 Gibson Dr #111a
Markham, ON
L3R 0M7
(905) 604-5082

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Spicy Mafia - Markham Location Spicy Mafia - Markham Location


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