(SPOTTED) 2021 Civic Type R LE – Honda Canada HQ – Toronto, Ontario


The very limited quantity of the 2021 Civic Type R LE (only 600 units available in the world) has been a hot item for a while now and it’s sold out around the globe. It comes with the sharp “Phoenix Yellow” body paint.

As I returned the 2020 Acura MDX A-SPEC media fleet to the parking lot at the Honda Canada HQ, I spotted the bright yellow Civic Type R LE, I couldn’t resist the temptation to snap some photos of this beautiful ride. Seriously, I personally think this Civic Type R is gorgeous in any body paint. I test drove the 2020 Civic Type R in its new “Boost Blue” and that looks amazing!

If you look at this photo that I took, you will noticed slight differences between the white Civic Type R on the right and the yellow Civic Type R LE on the left. The hood scoop on the yellow Type R LE has a black hood scoop, giving the hood a yellow/black contrast look. Same goes to its roof where it’s a black roof. Also, the rear view mirrors are in black as well. In comparison, the white one has white scoop and white roof and white rear view mirrors.

What colour is your favourite on the Civic Type R? Let me know.

For more INFO about this 2021 Honda Civic Type R LE, please click here.


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