Spotted Dorothy from Wizard of Oz


During lunch time, I decided to go for a walk. I saw a bunch of ladies dressed in Dorthy’s outfit from the Wizard of Oz. They were promoting the musicals in Toronto, now being played at Ed Mirvish Theatre. One of the Dorothys was nice enough to hand me a flyer. Regular price $130 tickets are now on special at $50 a piece, that’s a great deal. As I glanced through the flyer even more, there is a chance to win some tickets if I posted photos on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know people are posting with the Dorothys. When I received the flyer, I didn’t know there is a contest and I walked back to the office. I hope I can still win some tickets for effort coz if I knew, I would have posted with the Dorothys before I head back to the office. Let’s see if my effort counts anything after I walked all the way to Yonge Street to snap another photo of Wizard of Oz in front of the theatre.

Wizard of Oz Flyer Promotion

I want to win some tickets please! I follow the yellow brick road and please makes my dream come true! Just like Dorothy in the story of Wizard of Oz! 🙂

"A" for effort for walking down to Ed Mirvish to snap this photo


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