Squid Game Key Chain – I Bought One!


Have you watched the Squid Game yet? If you have not yet watched The Squid Game, which is a BIG hit on Netflix, something is wrong with you, LOL. Perhaps you were hibernating far too long.

Anyhow, this Korean TV Show is so addictive and just a great show that I can’t wait to watch Season 2.

As I went to a Korean grocery store to buy some groceries and I noticed this Squid Game key chain, it was $5.99 CDN, I couldn’t resist buying one, so I did! There was a square shape like this one and there was a triangle version. I am #TeamSquare, although I don’t know if there is different hierarchy rankings among the Red Soldiers, LOL.

I opted for the shape that I prefer, which is the Square.

Squid Game Official Trailer – Watch it now!



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