Stella Artois TIFF Opening Night Gala @ the Drake Hotel – 2010


MoVernie posing with Stella Artois ladiesTime flies isn’t it? After an amazing and unforgettable experiences at the Stella Artois – Unseen Experience at the TIFF last year, I am being invited again to attend 2010 Stella Artois TIFF Opening Night Gala at the Drake Hotel. When I think of TIFF, I think of the Drake Hotel. It’s a beautifully designed boutique hotel, full of artsy written all over it! It’s very cozy. As usual, beautiful Stella ladies greeted everyone at the hotel entrance. This time, we were headed straight up to the rooftop. It’s a nice, sunny, cool evening and it was perfect for a showing of a TIFF movie. Directors, Producers, Actors/Actresses, TIFF Fans and Club Stella Artois members were all on hand to witness this special day! And of course, unlimited Stella Artois were provided throughout the evening. Let me tell you, nothing beat an ice cold! And finger food, such as gourmet fries, curry chicken, popcorn, mini burgers, sushi and much much more were served! And to top that, posing with a bunch of beautiful, attractive Stella ladies were the highlight of the night. Check it out people! Special thanks to Heather for the invitation and it was also nice to see Andrew (the photographer) again. Until next year, can’t wait for another great outing with Stella Artois! Cheers!


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