Stone Bowl Curry Tsukemen – Ramen Isshin’s 3rd Year Anniversary

Ramen Isshin 3rd Year Anniversary

Celebrating Ramen Isshin 3rd Year Anniversary! Cheers!

Congratulations to Ramen Isshin on its 3rd Year Anniversary! Time flies, Ramen Isshin opened its restaurant 3 years ago and is now one of the top ramen restaurants in Toronto. MoKenny & I have been supporting Ramen Isshin since day 1, seeing it grows & maintains its consistent food quality throughout these years makes us very proud!

For its 3rd Year Anniversary, Ramen Isshin is offering a limited time Stone Bowl Curry Tsukemen, which is Japanese Curry. MoKenny and I got a chance to taste this limited-time food item and we enjoyed the sizzling stone bowl food presentation as well as its taste. Quite honestly, normally, I am not a big fan of Japanese Curry as most often, most other Japanese restaurants served its curry that were very sweet and not spicy at all, which although I know that’s the way it should be prepared, it’s not really my thing.

Ramen Isshin 3rd Year Anniversary

Curry Tsukemen (Japanese Curry)

But for this Ramen Isshin version, I was told that the chef prepared this curry from scratch, added his own secret formula to it and bringing some kicker/spice flavour to the curry. I luv it! It’s definitely a MUST TRY.

Ramen Isshin 3rd Year Anniversary

Karaage (fried chicken)

And to top that, we don’t just come to try Japanese Curry, we also ordered our favourite white sesame shio ramen with sweet corn. We also ordered the karaage (fried chicken), which I think it’s the best karaage in Toronto.

Ramen Isshin 3rd Year Anniversary

White sesame shio ramen with sweet corn

If you want to try this Stone Bowl Curry Tsukemen from Ramen Isshin, you better hurry up as the limited time offer is only available from now to December 31, 2016. The count down is on!

For more information, click here to the Ramen Isshin website.

Ramen Isshin

421 College Street
Toronto, ON
M5T 1T1

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Ramen Isshin 3rd Year Anniversary

Kampai to Ramen Isshin!

Ramen Isshin 3rd Year Anniversary

Ramen Isshin is jam packed!


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