Street Food on Netflix – Episode 2 – Osaka, Japan – Chef Toyo



Some of you, especially the foodies may have watched a new show called “Street Food” on Netflix.

In episode #2, it shows a variety of Japanese food vendors. In particular, the show focuses on the life of Chef Toyo & his famous standing Izakaya and his famous flame throwing skills. He transformed a parking lot into an outdoor Izakaya and this Netflix show explained the reasons and more about his life.

I felt very fortunate that we visited his Izakaya during our visit to Osaka, Japan this past November and to watch and relive our memories via this show is amazing. I highly recommend you to check out this “Street Food” show on Netflix.

And if you ever plan to visit Osaka, Japan, be sure to visit Toyo Izakaya as part of your itinerary.

Check out my MoVernie BLOG on the types of food you can order at Toyo Izakaya.



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