Suits TV Show Being Filmed in Toronto


Today, during my lunch time, I walked around in the downtown core with my two colleagues. We saw a bunch of bystanders on two sides of the roads. We weren’t quite sure what’s happening, so we decided to make a quick peek.

Guess what? The hit TV show, “Suits” was being filmed. There was a nice black, Lexus in the scene. Cameras and bright lights everywhere. And most importantly, one of the important characters in the show, Harvey Spector was on set for this scene.

Suits TV Show

Suits TV Show

Harvey, as always, dressed in nice black suit and tie. Every bystanders were smiling and trying to snap a few shots of him. Because the scene was set on a busy street, in between breaks, the TV crew had to allow pedestrian to walk through. So…..I just walked across from one side to the other end. As I walked pass Harvey, I snapped a shot of him very up close and then I made a U-wie and then walked back up to the same direction I walked passed Harvey to snap another shot.

In total, I took two pictures but surprisingly, both photos were awesome takes. See it for yourself! Great to see Harvey! I got to see Mike Ross a few months back but Rachel and Donna just never in any outdoor scenes for some reasons. If you ever see Rachel or Donna in any outdoor scenes, please let me know, LOL

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Harvey Spector UpClose

Harvey Spector UpClose



  1. I think they were filming at The Hazelton Hotel, too, this afternoon. Saw lots of trucks and a giant crane with lights hovering over the upper balconies. But Yorkville regulars were pretty nonchalant and kept on supping their cocktails on the One patio while the crew toiled away.

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