Summerhill Manor B&B and Tea Room – Port Hope, Ontario, Canada [ONTARIO TRAVEL SERIES]


During our March mini weekend getaway press trip to Port Hope, Ontario, the Municipality of Port Hope, along with the Tourism of Port Hope had assigned us to stay at the Summerhill Manor B&B and Tea Room.  This was where we were hosted and stayed for the evening. This was also my 1st time staying at a Bed & Breakfast (B&B), coz usually I either stay at a hotel or at an Air BnB place, just like we did for our Germany Trip last September of 2017. So, staying at B&B was a whole new experience for me. And as my readers know, I am always open to new things and will maximize the experience during my stay at Summerhill Manor B&B and Tea Room.

A few days before the press trip, I had decided to Google and checked out what this B&B is all about. Most of the peeps who stayed at this B&B gave high marks about their experiences. In particular, they were delighted with the excellent service and the human interaction between them and the owners, who are Chef Ron and Corrinne. Many of them emphasized how delicious the food Chef Ron prepared. In fact, I was amazed to learn that some locals would choose to dine at Summerhill Manor instead of other restaurants in the area. This particular point urged me to ensure I get a chance to try Chef Ron’s culinary skill during the course of this trip.

After driving 1.5 hours from Toronto to Port Hope in our 2018 Mazda CX-9, we had arrived outside of the Summerhill Manor. The sunny blue sky weather definitely added the fun and joy to start off this press trip to Port Hope on a positive note. Upon our arrival, Chef Ron greeted us and told us to sit in the living room as he said Corrinne will come and greet us. In just a few minutes, Corrinne came out and greeted us with a warm smile. She told us all the guidelines, etiquette being expected as guests at the B&B.

Then Corrinne guided us up the stairs and showed us our room. As Corrine explained to us, this entire Summerhill Manor have 3 bedrooms, with each room having their own individual bathroom. Summerhill Manor is a beautiful heritage home, built in 1852, it is being used as a quiet retreat in downtown Port Hope. In addition to the 3 bedrooms, there are two sitting rooms and a dining area in the ground floor. Furthermore, there is a Victorian tea room (with patio) serving delicious lunch and traditional English afternoon tea for the staying guests and patrons for the dining experience.

Dr. Powers Suite

Corrinne guided us to the Dr. Powers Suite, which apparently is the biggest room at the B&B. I have to say, the suite was super spacious with full ensuite bathroom. It offers one queen bed and a twin daybed that easily converts to a king size bed, wireless Internet, cable TV, air conditioning, clock radio, hairdryer, and toiletries. Tall windows are located at all sides in the room to allow natural sunlight to beam through. The theme of the room is Victorian style, from the bed sheets to the bed frames to the furniture throughout.

After dropping off our belongings, we checked the “Welcome Gift Bag” from Tourism of Port Hope. We checked our itinerary for the day and ensuring we have our media passes so we can start exploring what Port Hope has to offer.

The itinerary got us to visit the Ganaraska Forest Centre for the Maple Syrup Day, and then we went to Basil’s Market & Deli for a quick lunch. Then off we went to Haute Goat to check out some goats and alpacas. After that, we explored the Primitive Designs consists of all the unique antiques and home decors, and of course, the Transformers that are showstoppers located outside the store.

After spending a full day visiting different places in Port Hope, it was time to go back to the B&B to refresh. From the moment I tucked myself into the bed sheet and began to take a nap, it was an amazing feeling as the mattress was super comfy. I felt asleep right away.

After a power nap, we went out to meet with other journalists to Trattoria Gusto for a nice fine dining meal. And since it’s St. Paddy’s Day, some of us went to check out Turtle John’s Pub. It did its job when we were able to order pitchers of green beer!

After having a good time at the Turtle John’s, it was time to head back to Summerhill Manor to sleep.

Normally, I would have sleep-in and sleep all the way until the 11:00 am check out time. But since I read the Google reviews and knew Chef Ron makes good food, I had to wake up earlier to experience the complimentary breakfast which is available from 8:30 am to 9:30 am. We walked to the Tea Room and the other guests who stayed at the B&B were already indulging their breakfasts.

Chef Ron and Corrinne greeted us and asked how our stay was. Basically, you don’t get to choose what you like to eat for breakfast as the breakfast changes daily and is based on what Chef Ron wants to make for his guests. That is fine with me as I love surprises! Of course, if you have dietary restrictions or if you have any specific demands, I am sure Chef Ron and Corrinne will do their very best to address your needs and preferences as long as it is reasonable.

We each got a nice cup of hot coffee and a glass of orange juice. Then Chef Ron brought us each with a nice plate that consisted of 4 pieces of waffles, a few thin sausages, and a variety of fruits. I had to say, I usually can’t finish eating all the waffles but the waffles were so good that I had to finish all of them. The waffles were unique and it’s not easily available in any restaurant anywhere. The waffles consisted of seeds, and all kinds of energy flax seed, it was so good. After this breakfast meal, I understood why all the peeps from the Google reviews highly recommend people to dine at Summerhill Manor.

For anyone who is not staying at Summerhill Manor, you can dine for lunch or dinner. And in fact, this B&B is famous for its afternoon tea and scones and other pastries. Check out here for more INFO about Summerhill Manor’s afternoon tea menu.

Overall, my 1st experience staying at the Summerhill Manor was an excellent one. It’s perfect for guests who don’t want to stay at a hotel chain that gives you an access card and you stay at one of the many hundreds of rooms at the premise. If human interaction is your thing, such as meeting other guests who stayed at the B&B or interacting with Chef Ron and Corrinne, Summerhill Manor is the type of place for you. For a spacious room such as the Dr. Powers Suite, I do think it’s perfect for a couple or a family with a kid who is around 7-12 years old. The 2nd bed would be a good size for that kid to sleep in. Any kid who is younger, there isn’t any swimming pool or playground to keep them occupied that I do not think they would be able to stay in the room for a long period of time without making any noise or running around. And sound and noise can travel a little bit as it’s a heritage home built in the 1800s, so I am sure other guests would prefer a bit of peace and quiet instead of kids crying or running around the stairs. This is just based on my opinion and preference of course.

I would like to thank you both Chef Ron and Corrinne for the wonderful experience at Summerhill Manor B&B. If you plan to visit Port Hope, consider about staying at Summerhill Manor B&B.

MoVernie KEY Points: Below are some of the key points and highlights of my experience staying at Summerhill Manor B&B.

  • Free parking at Summerhill Manor B&B (you can park on the driveway)
  • However, we decided to park our Mazda CX-9 on the street, literally right in front of Summerhill Manor, there are plenty of parking spots on both sides of the streets. The reason is that, during the weekend (Saturdays & Sundays), it’s free to park anytime (even overnight). Just for easy access, we just prefer to park on the streets instead.
  • I really enjoyed the human interaction between Chef Ron and Corrinne, which is not readily available as we entered in a very digital and automated society.
  • Easy check-in and check-out processes coz either Chef Ron or Corrinne is going to greet you and check you in. No super long lineups waiting for the next staff at the hotel lobby. You take your belongings, go straight up to your room. Super easy.
  • Crabtree & Evelyn home care products are available for use during your stay. I used the hand cream, cologne, body lotion, all top quality products. That was a nice touch during our stay.
  • No automated key cards, it’s simply an ancient classic key that you use to open or lock your room door. It’s so classic that it was one of our highlights. You could also imagine how short the peeps were back in the days coz the door lock is situated at a super short position that you have to bend your knees in order to put the key into the lock for access. It’s quite an interesting cool experience.
  • Strong, hot water flowing out of the shower facet, which is so KEY to me as I love hot shower. We all know this is not always the case in many other accommodation stays.
  • Summerhill Manor is located at the downtown Port Hope, which we were able to walk to the main street on foot in less than 10 minutes. We also walked to Trattoria Gusto for dinner and walked to Turtle John’s and other pubs around the area on foot. This is KEY as we can enjoy and drink responsibly by walking back to the B&B without the need to get a cab. This is huge savings for staying at Summerhill. You save by parking your vehicle at the B&B without having to pay. You save by walking over to the resto or pub and walk back in less than 10 minutes.
  • Click here to check out the style of the 3 guest rooms, including its features and what is included plus the rate for different dates and months of the season.
  • I really like the Dr. Powers Suite as it is spacious and comfortable. It also has windows that over look the street and the church located beside Summerhill. So, although it does not happen often but when some cars drive by on the road, you could hear some engine or exhaust sound, so that is the only minor setback. Otherwise, it is fine, but just wanted to point this out for those light sleepers.

Next time, I would like to try Chef Ron’s afternoon tea experience.

Summerhill Manor Bed and Breakfast and Tea Room
Address: 127 Walton St, Port Hope, ON L1A 1N4
Phone: (905) 885-8741

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Special thank you to the Municipality of Port Hope and Tourism of Port Hope for having us and for arranging our accommodation during this press trip.

The accommodation was provided by Summerhill Manor B&B. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.


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