Super Bargain Cocktail Bar – Toronto, Ontario, Canada



While we were chilling at Sous Sol (the underground Speakeasy bar) at Maison Selby, we decided to find another nearby place and drink some more. The Google search led us to this cocktail bar called “Super Bargain“. The name sounds interesting and apparently, its name is originated from the fact the previous vendor at this location was a bargain convenience store.

So, the owners decided to keep the old convenience store sign as decor and named after the store as well. When you walked in, the beautiful wallpaper and funky mixed and match furniture made this a low-key but cozy, relaxing spot. It doesn’t offer any food but snack such as chips and Cheetos and a list of craft beers on tap and cocktails.

They have a list of about 10 cocktails and all of them priced at a respectable price of $12. In particular, the Oaxaca Ol’ Fashioned and Hawaiian were popular drinks. I enjoyed the Hawaiian drink, great blue colour for the social media post plus it’s tasty and smooth. The bartender was super friendly, courteous and really know his cocktails well.

The staff are friendly, playing a variety of old school music and it’s a really good spot for date night or friends gathering.

Super Bargain Cocktail Bar
Address: 441 Parliament St, Toronto, ON M5A 3A1
Phone: (416) 964-3910


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