Super Bowl 50 – Chef Matt Pettit NFL Canada #HomeGating Party


A week ago, I was invited to attend a Special Exclusive VIP Homegating Party hosted by Chef Matt Pettit & NFL Canada. The homegating party was held at Chef Matt’s own restaurant called “Rock Lobster Food“, which I am sure many of you may have already visited or have heard about this wonderful place. It’s famous for its delicious seafood and it’s reasonable pricing. In fact, I am sure many of you have possibly tried Chef Matt’s signature Rock Lobster Roll that was popularly catered at many private events around the GTA.

At the homegating party at Rock Lobster Food, I saw a Super Bowl 50 display. All the beautiful NFL merchandise were nicely showcased. There were footballs, culinary cutting board, t-shirts, utensils, plastic cups and much much more.

As I walked further inside the restaurant, I saw a long dining table was nicely decorated by Super Bowl 50 decors, confetti and accessories. The Super Bowl vibe is in the air! Most importantly, all the good food were served on the decorated table. Chef Matt had collaborated with NFL Canada to come up with a number of Super Bowl inspired food recipes that peeps can prepare and cook at home and throw their homegating party on Super Bowl Sunday. Some of Chef Matt’s creations include, “Football Ham” and “Golden Drumsticks”, those are some catchy names.

To complement the delicious food, I got to try the Rock Lobster famous lobster tail Caesars as well as another cocktail called “Whisky Sour”, both are great drinks that I highly recommend.

All-in-all, it was a great private homegating party. I heard enough about tailgate parties, but I never really know what a homegating party is all about. But with Chef Matt’s help, I got to experience and learn what a homegating party is all about. It’s basically throwing a party at home and hanging out with friends.

And before we head home, NFL Canada had generously provided a full bag of NFL merchandise that we could use on Super Bowl Sunday. Inside the gift bag, we got an authentic Super Bowl 50 game ball, football-shaped kitchen cutting board, Chef Matt’s homegating recipes, Super Bowl 50 long-sleeve tee, plastic cups, forks, knives, confetti and decorations, all ready for a homegating party at our respective homes during Super Bowl 50.

As many of my peeps know, I love eating food but I don’t cook often. So, with the hospitality from my good friend, KitchenSprout, she is hosting me and other of our friends at her home. I am gladly contributing my NFL merchandise gifts and decorate her home like a Super Bowl 50 homegating party.

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It doesn’t matter which team you are rooting for, at the end of the day, everyone goes home happy having a great time on a Sunday Funday with great food, great wine, great people and great NFL decorations.

Now, that’s what we call a Super Bowl Homegating Party!

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