Take Home Frozen Dim Sum Now Available (Har Gow & Siu Mai) – Hong Shing Toronto Chinese Restaurant


Craving for Dim Sum but wanted to steam them at the comfort of your home? No worries coz Hong Shing Toronto Chinese Restaurant has just recently introduced its frozen Hong Shing Har Gow and Hong Shing Siu Mai that its customers can purchase it online for take out or food delivery.

These are handmade Har Gow (shrimp dumpling & white pepper) and Siu Mai (minced pork with mushroom and sesame). And I think it’s a no brainer for Hong Shing to introduce these 2 items first coz Har Gow and Siu Mai are the 2 most popular dim sum items by many foodies.

In each sealed bag comes with 20 pieces of frozen Har Gow (dumplings in white as shown in the photo) or 20 pieces of Siu Mai (dumplings in yellow as shown in the photo). The reason why they are frozen is so that you can put them in your freezer for up to 30 days (from the day of your purchased). This is some great news especially for people who doesn’t want to go out often but staying at home during this COVID-19 crisis.

Imagine you are craving for dim sum, you just go to your freezer, take a bunch of them out and steam them. So convenient and so easy to make.

Now, the KEY apparatus you need is the traditional Chinese steamer, which is used to steam the dim sum. But no worries, in case you don’t have a steamer, you can also purchase one (6″ side) from Hong Shing for $10 + tax.

This is why I admire the Hong Shing Team, they think out-of-the-box, consistently think of new creative ways to help us fulfill our cravings.

1. Har Gow (shrimp dumpling with white pepper) – $25 + tax (20 pieces)

2) Siu Mai (minced pork with mushroom and seasme) – $20 + tax (20 pieces)

3) Bamboo Steamer (6″ side) – $10 + tax

Order your next take out via HongShing.com. You know what’s a perfect combo? Order a bunch of Hong Shing signature dishes for take out (such as spicy shrimps, Cantonese chow mein, General Tao Chicken, and many more). Then order 1 frozen pack of Hong Shing Har Gow and 1 frozen pack of Hong Shing Siu Mai. Get a steamer and then order a few cans of Hong Shing’s very own beer.

Now, that will definitely put a smile on everyone’s face who get to dine with you!


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