Taking a Tour Around Virginia City, a Historic Mining Town – Virginia City, Travel Nevada #DFMI


During our Travel Nevada Press Trip, one of the places that we visited was Virginia City. Don’t get mistaken this place from the State of Virginia which is located in the eastern region of the United States. What’s also interesting to me is that, this “Virginia City” is not a city but a town.

So…what’s so special about Virginia City? Well…Virginia City is a town in Nevada, located at the southeast of Reno. This was once a booming town back in the 19th century when there was a huge population of people who came here to make money from the booming mining industry. However, as times gone by, the mining industry gradually slow down and people moved to other cities to find new career and new place to live.

Despite most of the people who left this once booming town, there are still people living in this region today. What I really appreciate about Virginia City is the fact that the town has pretty much preserved all the 19th century Victorian buildings, the town still looks like a cow boy/cow girl town. It feels like you have been “back to the future”, travel back in time to explore the town. You can still see some people dress in cow boy/cow girl gear and riding horses. Also, if you love ghost stories or myths, I am sure the locals would love to share them with you. Apparently, this town has lots of ghost stories and interesting facts, whether they are real or not, it’s up to you to decide.

It’s such a good spot to buy ancient classic products and you may find some goodies here in this town. Perhaps dress in the 19th century style and post for a group photo. We took one at Prescilla Pennyworth’s Old Time Photos and it was quick and easy. The staff will dress you up and you look proper and then you can hold any accessories you need and post with a background that resembles back in the good old days.

Perhaps take a Ponderosa Mine Tour and experience what’s it like back in the days as miners walking down the cold, dusty, narrow mining route underground. There are also local brewery that you can enjoy an icecold.

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The guided walking tour to the historic Virginia City and this press trip were provided by Travel Nevada. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.

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