Tapas Bars – Vigo, Spain

Tapas Bars - Vigo, Spain

The Tapas Bar that we visited was located across the street from this look out point. What a beautiful day to chill and enjoy a pint of ice cold beer in Vigo, Spain.

Tapas are a wide variety of appetizers, or snacks in Spanish cuisine. They may be served cold (such as mixed olives and cheese) or hot (such as chopitos, which are battered, fried baby squid). So, it really depends on what you prefer.

As part of one of the places the Royal Caribbean “Independence of the Seas” Cruise docked, we were sightseeing around in Vigo, Spain. We could see a large number of tapas places around the city. You can’t go wrong by choosing anyone of them, I am sure they are equally great.

I highly recommend you to experience these tapas places as you can enjoy the tapas and ice cold pint of beer, meanwhile sitting outside the patio and just relax, chill and observe the locals people walking by. It’s a perfect way to take a break after walking for a bit.

Tapas Bars - Vigo, Spain

Estrella Galicia is a beer made in Spain, it’s widely available and it’s a good beer!

This tapas place that we went was located at the bottom of the famous church that was located at the hill top. We were sitting outside the patio. The server was courteous and asked us what we like. A beer brewery called “Estrella Galicia” is a very well-known beer made in Spain and is widely available around this area, so I highly recommend you to give it a try. The server told us that a small pint was $2 EURO. A large pint was $3.00 EURO. We ordered 3 pints of large beer, meanwhile my mom ordered a small pint. After a few minutes, the server arrived with the ice cold beer. What we didn’t know was that each pint of beer also included a tapas, which was cold potato salad with a piece of bread. Spreading the salad onto the bread was very delicious.

Can you imagine this? $2.00 EURO of a pint of beer also included a tapas. That’s crazy!

MoVernie Fun Fact: In Spain, giving tips are not common or necessary since the price of the meal are usually including the tip. Anyhow, if you really think the server did a great job and made your day, a nice 5%-10% tip, to the server would be a nice gesture. I live in Canada where we do expect to pay tips to the servers since they get paid minimum wage and rely on tips to make a living. With that habit in mind, I usually give some tips to the servers in Spain. I feel that as a tourist, I am on vacation mode. If I can make someone smile and showing my appreciation to their services, why not? Again, tipping in Spain is voluntarily.

So…let’s do some math here:

3 pints of large beer – $3 x 3 = $9.00 EURO
1 pint of small beer – $2 x 1 = $2.00 EURO
TOTAL: $11.00 EURO including tax (I appreciate his service, so I gave him $2.00 EURO extra)

Even at $13.00 EURO, that’s so cheap for 4 tapas and 4 pints of beer. In Canada, you are looking at around $40 for 3 large and 1 small pint of beer and no, they don’t provide complimentary tapas. So if you include tapa plus tax and tips, that’s about $60.00 for what we ordered.

Tapas Bars - Vigo, Spain

MoVernie enjoying a large pint of Estrella Galicia along with the complimentary tapas that include a piece of bread and cold potato salad.

Tapas Bars - Vigo, Spain

Highly recommend you to experience the Tapas Bar culture when you visit Spain.


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