Tesla Model 3 at Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS2018)


One of the most anticipated vehicles at the Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS2018) is the Tesla Model 3. Not that this vehicle is super expensive or ultra fast but peeps are excited on the affordability of this vehicle. Tesla has been making some very top-notch models but many of those models are geared towards the high-end crowd. But Model 3 is going to be the game changer, not only for the Tesla brand but to the entire society of our planet.

Although the MSRP pricing has not been verified in Canada, but we are expecting the Model 3 to be in the price range of around $45,000 CDN to start, it’s still a lot of money but it’s more reasonable and realistic for many peeps. This is an electric car and this car has good driving position and the visibility of this ride is phenomenal. The usual cluster of speedometer, all the bulky dashboard found in other cars are not going to be in this Model 3. Instead, it’s a long nice simple dashboard with all the gauges and INFO in a single monitor at the centre of the dashboard. So, you can see the road very easily.

If you want to check the Tesla Model 3 in person, it’s located at the Auto Exotica section. Click here to purchase tickets at the Canadian International Auto Show.


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