TFC Players Red Tunnel + TFC Lounge – Exclusive VIP Access (Winmar Toronto)


TFC Tunnel Club

This past Saturday, I was invited by Winmar Toronto, the Property Restoration Specialist, to attend it’s corporate event, which was to watch the Toronto FC vs Colorado Rapids at the BMO Field. Better yet, we were watching the match inside the Private Suite Box. I thought that was an amazing experience already. Not so fast, the best as yet to come! One of the Winmar Toronto friendly staff, Byron Kent informed me that I, along with another adult, along with 5 kids, will be guided by a TFC staff to head down to the TFC Players Red Tunnel to meet the players, take photos and videos of them and seek autographs. That was a totally surprise for me. I guess Winmar Toronto know me too well because I love Exclusive Behind-the-scenes content.

The TFC Players Red Tunnel, along with the TFC Lounge were some of the renovation that the MLSE had invested this past year. The area looked modern, stylish and a great place to chill with other TFC fans while watching the game. This is definitely a prestige membership only area.

TFC Tunnel Club

As TFC beat the Rapids by a score of 3-1, you could tell the positive vibe were in the air. More TFC players tend to stay longer to sign autographs with their fans. The safety of our 5 kids was my priority, making sure they are safe and sound and away harm’s way from other taller and bigger adult TFC fans. Also, I got to ensure that each and everyone of them received an autograph from any TFC player. Once those criteria were taken care of, I got an autograph by Sebastian Giovinco, who is a great player and scored 2 goals during this match. This experience was totally unexpected and Winmar Toronto made it happen, bringing a memorable experience for the kids and bringing a BIG smile on the kids’ faces. Everyone went home happy.

I would like to thank Winmar Toronto for hooking us up with such an exclusive arrangement to meet & greet the TFC players up close and personal. That was very thoughtful. To find out more about Winmar Toronto and the services it provides, you can click here.

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