TFC vs Rapids – Winmar Toronto Private Suite Box Event


This past Saturday, I was invited as an Exclusive VIP by Winmar Toronto to attend its corporate event, which was to attend the Toronto FC vs Colorado Rapids game at the BMO Field. A few days before, one of the Winmar Toronto drove to my work place and hand delivered the Private Suite TFC ticket as well as a VIP parking pass that allowed me to park underground but close to the BMO Field. Let me tell you, Winmar Toronto is great at what they do, which is providing restoration services with its expertise. But I also think they are thoughtful and provide some of the top notch excellent service that is above and beyond.

The weather during the game was a bit unstable so I was very grateful that Winmar Toronto took care of me and also took care of my car. My 2016 Mazda CX-3 GT AWD was nicely parked underground so when it was pouring rain, my ride was still nice and dry. Since the TFC football game will proceed rain or shine, I was glad that Winmar Toronto hosted the event in a private box suite so that when it was raining, we weren’t affected at all because we had a roof in the suite. Meanwhile, the TFC fans were soaking wet wearing pachos (FYI – umbrellas aren’t allow in the spectators stands).

The TFC took an early 3-0 lead in just the 1st half of the match. All game long, we had loads of food and beverages to allow us to enjoy the game. List of food goes on and on but in particular, they were serving sushi platter, jumbo shrimps, chicken souvlaki, chicken tenders, greek salad, spring rolls, veggie dip, nachos, popcorn, cookies. Oh man, did I mention ice cream bar? Ice cold beer and other cold beverages were being served throughout the game.

It’s been a while I last went to a TFC game, so it was nice to attend this game, especially I heard they are trying to make the playoffs for their very 1st time in franchise history and this year, they have a hot goal scorer named Sebastian Giovinco who scored 2 goals during this match alone.

I would like to thank you Winmar Toronto for the kind Exclusive VIP invite and they definitely came through for me and the rest of the attendees.

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