THANK YOU DeMar! Welcome back to Toronto! DeMar DeRozan – February 22, 2019 – San Antonio Spurs



Tonight is a special day! DeMar DeRozan is returning to Toronto tonight. Toronto Raptors vs San Antonio Spurs.

This is the MOST ANTICIPATED game of this Raptors season, not coz the game itself but to welcome & celebrate the return of DeMar DeRozan.

I will be attending to witness, give him the standing ovation that he truly deserves and as a loyal player.

As a person, DeMar is awesome, he is a loyal, honest, dedicated individual. Every time I am at the Raptors/MLSE events, he will always let me interview him, sometimes, even the 1st person to interview him ahead of big TV stations, he is that good a person.

But as a business perspective, Masai got to do what he got to do to win a championship. DeMar was given many years to get this team to go far. I don’t expect him to carry us over Lebron, that’s beyond the point, but the way he folded, his skills set, just don’t have the mental toughness or the “IT” factor to put on a fight to win some playoff games but disappear and give up in a sweep, that’s my issue. It’s not how far we are in the playoffs, it’s the way our team lose without a true fight.

Anyhow, tonight, we are here to celebrate “The Return of DeMar DeRozan”.


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