THANK YOU Kawhi! Best of Luck with the LA Clippers!


Woke up this morning to the bad news that Kawhi Leonard has decided to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers. As a die-hard Raptors fan, of course, it’s bad news. But after hearing it, I am neutral, I am indifferent. It would have been nice if Kawhi resigns with the Toronto Raptors and defend the Championship title. But at this point, we got to be thankful and grateful that Kawhi brought us a Championship this year. I am happy and content with what Kawhi has done for us for the City of Toronto, Province of Ontario and the entire country of Canada.

What more can you ask? The Toronto Raptors, as an organization has done everything that they can to try to get Kawhi Leonard to resign. Toronto has the salary cap space, (max deal), in fact t resign Kawhi and bring back everyone to defend the title. Toronto has the innovative “Load Management” and the best Sport Sciences Guru in Alex McKechnie. Toronto has a high level of trust being built between the Kawhi Camp and Masai Urjri. We even have Drake, the Global Ambassador. At the end of the day, it was just not enough but Torontorians should keep their heads high and cherish this 2019 Championship. Just as Kawhi said in many of his interviews and during the Raptors Parade, “Enjoy the Moment!”. I surely will enjoy every moment of this special journey from the regular season to the NBA playoffs, to winning the game #7 buzzer beater against the Philadelphia 76ers to winning it all against the Golden State Warriors. The Raptors Parade! Everything!

For me, after hearing the verdict, it was a sigh of fresh air. It’s like that moment when you want to know the answer, whether it was a good or bad ending, you want to know and get it over with. Now, everyone can move on with their lives and enjoy the summer.

Kawhi has done everything that we could ask for. He has shown us what a true professional he is. Despite Toronto wasn’t his choice of destination, he didn’t sit out, he came to Toronto and lead the team and played hard, give his all to the team and won a championship. He never complain, whine, or snobby with his teammates, he accepted the fate and embraced his time with Toronto. To me, that’s amazing and a true superstar in Kawhi.

Remember, in Masai we trust. I believe in Masai. Having Kawhi for only 1 year is worth it. He brought out the chip in the dip and our team is now an NBA Champion. We are not getting the respect that we deserve and everyone knows how amazing our organization that we know how to win and know how to build a winner.

Best of luck Kawhi! THANK YOU!

Now, it’s time to turn to the next chapter!


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