THANK YOU KIA CANADA & KIA MOTORS! – Something to be thankful for! (MoVernie Travel & Tourism)

THANK YOU Kia Canada & Kia Motors

THANK YOU Kia Canada & Kia Motors

Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) was over this past September! Thanksgiving long weekend just pasted last week. I am a person who is always grateful and thankful of what I have. But after Thanksgiving was over, I decided to sit down and reflect on all the great memories that I had experienced so far. There was one thing that I had done this year that I am super thankful for and there is no doubt it was my Kia Gear Up experience back in May of this year.

A few months ago, many of you had already read my short brief MoVernie BLOGs on my Kia Gear Up journey. Ever since I returned from that trip, I had never thought that my MoVernie brand would be that busy and jam packed. MoVernie was ALWAYS on the MOVE to the point that I couldn’t sit down and reflect and boom, I was off to another event. I didn’t want to rush my thoughts or my experiences during this Kia Gear Up trip as I really want to sit down, relax and flashback all the great memories and experiences and share with you guys. Finally! I got some quiet time during this October to share my experiences with you.

FYI – Ever since I got back from that trip, all the memories were stored in my brain, but I locked the images and experiences in my memory because I didn’t have time to sit down and reflect and relish those precious moments. In the next few weeks, you will get to read my detailed MoVernie BLOGs on my Kia Gear Up journey in detail as I slowly unwind and unlock all of the amazing images and experiences during my Kia Gear Up Trip in Barcelona, Spain.

Let the Kia Gear Up journey begins!

Let me tell you a little background about the Kia Gear Up Campaign. Kia Gear Up was a global initiative organized by the Kia Motors Headquarter from Seoul, Korea. The HQ connected all of its Kia divisions from around the world, including Kia Canada, to participate and to bring a chosen Global Ambassador to represent each of their respective countries to this special project called “Kia Gear Up”. The objective of this campaign was to choose a group of young generation of people to fight over their fears, to encourage them to think outside-of-their-boxes, to be free and be confident about themselves and create their own paths in life. So…exactly, how do they achieve this? They had decided to modify their Kia vehicles into rally racing vehicles on a real race track, allowing the groups of young people to push their limits (under supervision of professional race car drivers) and discover more about themselves through this unbelievable precious opportunity of travelling to a beautiful city called Barcelona.

A few weeks before the trip, Kia Canada contacted me and had told me that out of hundreds of candidates that they had carefully reviewed, that they had chosen me as the ONLY person to represent Kia Canada to participate in this Kia Gear Up campaign. The moment after I heard of this great news, I was frozen; I was asking myself if this was “REAL”. After 5 minutes, I was full of joy and felt super stoked. They told me that they will be flying me to Barcelona, Spain to join other lucky Global Ambassadors from around the world to this Kia Gear Up Event. During those few weeks before the trip, I had to be prepared, not just packing luggage, but also to re-new my Canadian passport, apply for an International driver’s license (so I can drive on the racetrack in Barcelona). Kia Motors HQ also called me from oversea to interview me and asked me more questions, wanting to know more about me before the trip.

I got to say, Barcelona, Spain was always a place that I wanted to travel and visit. And to have Kia Motors fulfilling my bucket list was extra special. I am super thankful and grateful of this trip and thank you Kia Canada and Kia Motors for giving me this wonderful once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will never forget!

Stay tuned for my Kia Gear Up Journey!

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And MoVernie is outta here!

Kia Gear Up Campaign

Kia Gear Up Campaign


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