The Battle of the Blades: Season 2 – Performance 6


In my young life so far, I have been fortunate enough to experience many different activities, venues and parties. Meeting quite a number of celebrities and enjoying the party life and will continue to do so. I ask myself a question, “What 3 activities I would like to experience while I am still young and be able to maximze my experience at this age?” Here are my 3 most wanted to accomplish activities: 1) Attending a TV show; 2) Going to the outdoor Much Music Concert on the street and 3) Watching a soccer/football game in England, most preferably the Manchester United.

Well, last night, I fulfilled one of the 3 remaining items. I scored some nice tickets to watch the Battle of the Blades. This show is one of the most talked show in town, a very original show that no one has thought of in the past. The idea is 100% Canadian content and I would say, I am proud that Canadian invented their own show. This show is so popular that it is running into its second season and beyond. In this show, champion figure skaters and NHL veterans pair up for a live competition to win $100,000 towards their charity. It’s a cool concept indeed. It’s quite interesting to see how these former NHLers who strengthens are to fight in the rink and power skate around the rink have to make adjustments and turn themselves into figure skaters. Learning and being able to figure skate isn’t an easy task at all. There is team work with their partners. Communicating, being able to trust each other with the difficult, acrobatic moves and being able to get themselves into the theme song and being able to play their respective characters in the performances. Every week, they trained hard and they are being away from their families.
In the show, we were able to watch the behind the scenes footage of the contestants’ training session and we could cleary saw how families are important to them.

Before I went to this taping, I was all pumped but had no expectations about this show. I was exciting just to see how a live show was being broadcasted. Before the show had started, staff from every parts of the building would want to make the crowd get into the spirits and tried to hype up the crowd with cheers, boos and other cheerful techniques.

When the show began, the panel of judges were introduced. They have a special judge every week. Toller Cranston was a guest judge for this week. Jeremy Roenick, who once was a yappy NHLer was also one of the judges. I think CBC picked the right person and Jeremy Roenick (J.R.) is famous for not hestiating to voice his opinion throughout his NHL career. So, it was interesting to hear what exactly come out from his mouth. He was nicer than I was expected. I was anitcipating that he would be extremely harsh to the particpants. To my surprise, he didn’t, instead he gave everyone motivation and encouraging words after their respective performances.

Ron McClean hosted the show. 5 couples remained in the show and one by one, they performed their routine to the crowd and television viewers across the globe. Their routines were getting more and more difficult weekly. You could tell they spend a lot of time with the work and pratice often to achieve the best possible scores from the judges. Out of the 5 couples’ performances, I really enjoy the performaces by Patrice Brisbois and Shae-Lynn Bourne were performing their Jo-Ho, a bollywood song sang by the Pussy Cat Dolls. The chemistry and the communciations between them were evident. Every moves were so smooth, the chreography were top notched, the famous bollywood moves were perfectly blend into the music and really hype up the crowd. I gave them a standing ovation for the effort and the performance was pheonomal. The other performance which I really like was performed by Valerie Bure and Ekaterina “Katia” Gordeeva , whose theme was James Bond 007. Both performers had awesome skating outfit. Valerie Bure looked slick and stylish with his bond suit. Katia had an eye-catching silver sparking skating outfit, it just a treat to watch.

The live 1-hr show just flew by quickly without even knowing the show was about to end. It was just so good that there was no dull moment throughout the show. One of the highlights for the entire show was the post skating segment. The performers came out on the ice and interact with the crowd. The crowd could take photo or seek autographs with them, that’s an incredible experience, just to be able to see them up close and personal. Meeting Jamie Sale was an amazing experience. A week before, I saw Jamie at the Marche cashier area, but there was no opportunity to talk to her. This time, it was like a redemption for me to try my second time. I got an autograph from her and was able to pose with her for a photo (see photo). It was awesome seeing Theo Fleury and Patrice Brisbois, NHLers who are not retired but once played an important role in the NHL.

This competition night was amazing and I thank Insight TV for providing with the tickets for this show but the seating location was amazing, very close to the performers family and friends section but also great view for me to take some photos for this blog to share with my big fan base. Also, I was on tv live for 8 seconds which was shown across Canada but also internationally. The kids in front of us were holding up the sign and I utilize the opportunity to be on tv. It’s an amazing experience and I am looking forward to the Results Finale on November 22 when the Season 2 Battles of the Blades King & Queen will be crowned that night. And I will be there in person to witness the special moment.

Until next time….MoVernie is outta here!


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