The Blind Rabbit – Speakeasy Bar (Inside Anaheim Packing District) – Anaheim, California (#IPW19)


During the IPW19 Foodie Tour, we visited 2 restaurants at the Anaheim Packing District. Since there were 20 people in this tour, we split into 2 groups and so 10 people went to Urbana Anaheim and the other 10 people went to The Blind Rabbit and we switch after we complete our dining experience.

I was with the 2nd group, so after we had completed our food and tequila tasting at Urbana. We walked over to The Blind Rabbit. Since the Blind Rabbit is a Speakeasy bar, thus, you will not see any store front or signs or anything. Instead, if we were not guided by the Visit Anaheim staff, I don’t think we can find this place. But that’s the whole point, if a Speakeasy bar is done right, it wouldn’t be that obvious or easily found.

Spoiler Alert: If you want to be 100% adventurous and not get spoil by me on where to find the entrance of The Blind Rabbit, then you should stop reading the rest of this MoVernie BLOG. But if you want to continue, by all means. 🙂

The Blind Rabbit entrance is hidden from a number of big Japanese sake casks and it’s located beside another food stall called “Rolling Boil“, a hotpot place. Speaking of Rolling Boil, I was impressed they have the Chinese hotpot experience available in Anaheim. Hotpot is a very traditional Chinese cuisine, basically a broth that could be mild or spicy and the person will put in fresh raw ingredients and let it boil and cooked before consumption. I love hotpot.

Ok, back to The Blind Rabbit. As someone from our group pulled the sake door open, we entered a dark, small lit wooden room. There were high stools around the main bar station. It is then surrounded by individual booth that sits 2 people or 4 people or 6 people. But bottomline, it’s dimly lit, very Speakeasy. Great sound proof system as we couldn’t hear any noise from outside. As we sat down, we were treated with another 5-course meal. Each course comes with a dish and a special cocktail accompanied with it.

I am telling you, in order to survive and to maximize this tasting foodie tour, everyone needs to have high tolerance in alcoholic drinks or else it’s a bit a challenge to really effectively experience the food and drinks pairing.

All-in-all, the Anaheim Packing District is a MUST VISIT place in Anaheim, California. There are lots of food and beverages choices to choose from. It’s a good meeting and hang out spot with good food and drinks. And my dining experience at Urbana and The Blind Rabbit were phenomenal. In fact, they were the best meals that I had throughout the entire IPW19 for me.

I will definitely go back to visit Urbana, The Blind Rabbit and the Anaheim Packing District in the near future. I highly recommend this.

The Foodie Media Tour at The Blind Rabbit and the incredible IPW19 experience were provided by the U.S. Travel Association’s IPW. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.



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