The Flathead Clothing Store – Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan


The Flat Head is a well-established clothing store that is famous for its own collection of jeans. My bro, aka MoKenny is a big fan of this brand and since we were visiting Tokyo, Japan, we decided to make a run to the most fashionable area called “Shibuya” to check out this store.

Inside the store, we were greeted by 4 friendly staff. They all dressed dapper. The Flat Head products ranged from hoodies, tees, denim jeans, denim jackets, blazers, accessories, it’s quite a selection.

If anyone is into jeans, you will probably know about 1st wash, 2nd wash, alteration of the pair of the jeans, well, I ain’t expert in jeans but MoKenny taught the importance in the number of washes to a pair of jeans as they shrink over time and could impact the size and the alteration process.. So, he bought a pair and he is very particular with his jeans, in terms of the fit, how the jeans shrink after 1 wash, etc. And I could understand where he is coming from coz when you are spending a few hundreds on a pair of jeans, you would want the jeans to be in the best size and fit to your body. It’s like someone who is ordering a $150 piece of steak, if you want medium rare, you can’t accept a well-done, especially that’s not what you asked for and not at the price you are paying. So, I get it!

The friendly staff assisted MoKenny in choosing a pair of the jeans. Basically, MoKenny pretty much know which style of The Flat Head he wanted to buy, it’s the expertise, extra pair of eyes from the staff who knows the best fit, best size and best fit for their customers since they know their own products better.

Then, they measured and find the best fitting to his liking. After MoKenny paid, the staff helped readjust the pair of jeans with alteration. MoKenny told me that the Flat Head still uses the most Old School way of using threads and needles to manually alter the pair of jeans for its customers and that’s the type of craftmanship that customers admire and want with their clothes from The Flat Head. Since the alteration takes about 45 minutes, we decided to walk and explore Shibuya and pick up the Flat Head jeans at a later time that evening.

The Flat Head – Harajuku
Address: 2 Chome-32-3 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0001, Japan


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