The Intimate Parts of Sexapalooza – Part 1





Right there..just like that


That was the noise coming from Sexapalooza event last night.

It was the noise coming from the audience…


That’s right…the audience.

I guess you want me to elaborate on that.

Well, maybe I shouldn’t. I mean, it might be too much to handle.


It’s called teasing and building anticipation. Something I learned a little more of when I went to Sexapalooza.

But just so you know that I’m not playing with you…that actually was the audience and I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

Sexapalooza is an adult upscale expo. And if you read the last post you know it has been around for the past 7 years and this year the Movernie Media team went to go check it out.

Yep, there was no mistaking it when we arrived at Entrance 6 – This was all about sex!

Depending on how curious you are you could go to the lingerie section, or maybe the novelty items a.k.a dildos and vibratos. Or feeling more adventurous?

You can check out the section on sex clubs in Toronto.


Sex Clubs.

The low lighting and distance beat of the music set the stage when you first enter. A full stock bar and a small food court is available close by in case you get hungry during your walk around the exhibits. The crowd ranged from 25+ making their way through each vendor asking questions and checking out what’s for show.

A little further in you find the main stage where all the entertainment happens. The host of the show gave away free prizes to anyone willing to make their best orgasm noise or willing to show off their favorite sex position. (Clothes stayed on).

Then there’s the education halls where you learn about the different physical and emotional aspects of sex and relationship. By the time you’re done your head will be filled to the brim with tips and tricks you haven’t thought about before.

But I do have a small confession to make.

It wasn’t ALL about sex.

There were plenty of performances that was sexy but not over the top.

For example:

Here's an image of one of  the beautiful Kai dancers.

Here’s an image of one of the beautiful Kai dancers.

The Kai dance team put up a great performance for the crowd with their choreographed dance moves that wowed the crowd.

And then of course there were interesting things that caught your attention as you perused through the exhibition…like the snake.

We walked around and saw what looked like a scarf around someone’s neck and it turned out to be a live snake.

Here's a snake

Here’s a snake

They were getting people to fill out a survey and win a motorcycle. The snake did a good job at attracting attention.

All in all it was very interesting event to go to. The educational rooms were great, there were a lot of couples attending and learning how to spice up their sex life. Vendors with novel and interesting items to sell at great prices. Yeah, it was a good time.


That’s right, you’re probably thinking if there’s a Part 1 then there must be a Part 2.

You are correct!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of “Intimate Parts of Sexapalooza” where I talk about Bondage, Discipline, Spanking and that rough stuff.

Till then!


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