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Yesterday, I got invited to a media event located at Windsor Arm’s newest restaurant called “The Living Room”. By just reading the name of the restaurant, I could sense that the theme of this newest hotspot is to provide a comfort, relaxing and a cozy gathering place that travellers and Torontonians would found in a “Living Room” type of setting. And this is exactly what The Living Room aims to provide and I am super impressed the moment I stepped into the restaurant.

There was a nice piano located near the entrance of the restaurant, followed by a classic wine cellar that has a variety of wine choices. And most importantly, a nice bar area for my favourite fresh, ice cold beer. The restaurant features over 60 local craft beers and it also has a premium international wine selection, which also won them 5 consecutive years of Award of Excellence by Wine Spectator. Although I am a food adventurous type of guy who always delighted to try new food ingredients or innovative food dishes, I am also a big fan of comfort foods. At times, when I just want to chill with my friends, I want food that I am familiar with and it just warms me up. The Living Room is a place that provides a new menu full of comfort foods. I got to try the sliders and they were top notch juicy and tasty. My friends got to try the hor’s doerves and they all said they were delish!

Welcome to The Living Room – Bar Area

The Living Room – Dining Area

So…what makes The Living Room comfortable but yet has a theme of style with it? Well, this is where Interior designer Jacques Dinel of Dinel Designs came into place. He brought British influence to the restaurant, creating the atmosphere of luxurious comfort. The entire Living Room is decorated with original artwork from the UK and it is furnished with large comfy Chesterfields with leather seating. I got a chance to have a good conversation with Jacques and he told me that his theme is to provide a comfortable place that is cozy for people to feel like home while having get togethers, meetings or hosting formal dining events. Not only Jacques is a great interior designer, judging from his stylish outfit, you can tell he also have a great fashion sense (see for yourself in the photo below).

Me posing with Interior Designer Jacques Dinel of Dinel Designs

Oh, did I mention that The Living Room has a one-of-a-kind unique self-pour draft table for our use when we reserved for a party of four or more? I like that idea alot, especially after I visited Heineken Brewery in Amsterdam a few years back, where they taught us how to pour a nice perfect pint of beer. Maybe it’s a great opportunity to show off my lack of beer pouring skills. LOL. What’s more, The Living Room has a nice patio. It is just a step away from The Living Room with beautiful sofas, chairs and wrapped around by nicely maintained bushes, it provide great privacy and I love it!

I strongly believe The Living Room will be a hotspot, especially during Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Windsor Arm’s is known to be one of the most popular venues for hosting TIFF Gala with A-List Celebrities. The Living Room will sure be a busy and lively place. I just hope that my whole crew will have a nice spot to relax and chill during TIFF. Wish me luck!

Click here to find out more about The Living Room at Windsor Arms, including information such as its business hours, menu and beer and wine selections.

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Burger Sliders at the Media Event

Self-Pour Draft Table

hor’s doerves

Great beer selection

Nothing like an ice-cold beer chilling outside the patio with your friends.

Great comfort food selection at the formal dining area


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