Dim Sum – The One Fusion Cuisine – 聚龍軒 – Chinese Food – Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada


The One Fusion Cuisine (聚龍軒) has recently been opened for a few months now. I didn’t know it was open until I was invited to attend the 4th Annual #EpicDimSumShowDown hosted by Jonathan @jon_mrdimsum & Patrick @feedmyphone. As the name of the event sums it up, it’s an epic dim sum gathering, having a group of exclusive curated foodies (about 20 of us) including myself to attend the event and enjoy and chow down a lot of food, in particular, the dim sum.

The One Fusion is located south of 16th Avenue and Bayview Avenue in a small plaza. There are ample of free parking spots. Moment I walked into this restaurant, it’s clean, modern, upscale and there are lots of art work to complement the beautiful ceiling decorations. It’s bright and lots of tables. In fact, there are 2 major sections of dining tables. Since the hosts of this event has arranged a number of dim sum and dinner dishes ahead of time, I wasn’t able to see the dim sum order sheet. However, this is not the push cart style but more you order from whatever you see from the sheet.

Two large dining tables with lazy Susan sit about 20 influential foodies.

After we have settled down, the food kept coming and being stacked on the table. The One uses a squarish wooden box to hold the dim sum. One thing about this place and what’s impressed me the most is the top quality of the food, it’s tasty, it’s delicious and have great plating and amazing accessories to elevate the overall presentation of the food being served to us. When food are being served in nice accessories, it elevates the entire dining experience.

In addition to the dim sum, we were also treated with Peking Duck, stir fry pork, fried jumbo shrimps and giant scallops. I got to say, the food is just amazing. You can tell the culinary skills by the chefs at this restaurant are top notch.

Everything is great here at The One. If I really have to pick on something for them to improve, it would be if they can drain the condensation of the “Har Gao“, shrimp dumpling from the mini ceramic plates before serving. They have replaced the traditional sleeve paper with the ceramic mini plates. But when after the Har Gao are steamed, condensation of the water just sit there on each plate, so it makes the Har Gao soggy and not as pleasant to eat. But that’s a minor thing, but if they can drain the water before serving, that would be ideal.

I will definitely come back again and bringing my family and friends. This is a new hotspot for Chinese food and dim sum for sure. In particular, anyone who lives in the Richmond Hill and Markham areas should check this place out.

The One Fusion Cuisine
Website: www.TheOneFusionCuisine.com
Address: 9019 Bayview Ave unit 9, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1Y3
Phone: (905) 882-9388

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This #EpicDimSumShowDown event is provided by The One Fusion Cuisine; Jonathan @jon_mrdimsum & Patrick @feedmyphone. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.


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