#The7TO – Instagram Worthy Spots (FREE ADMISSION) Hudson’s Bay Flagship Store (7th Floor) – Toronto, Canada


Hey Peeps! Feeling the winter blues and looking for something exciting to do during this January? No worries! The perks of following my MoVernie BLOG is for me to show you some of the cool spots to check out.

The Hudson’s Bay flagship store (located at Queen & Yonge intersection) is having a cool, social media worthy, artsy, interactive installations for the public to enjoy. The installation is located on the 7th floor with 8 different activation with a hashtag #The7TO.

The best part? It’s FREE admission! It’s open to the public starting tomorrow, January 24th and until all winter long (subject to your interpretation of “winter long”).

My suggestion is to take the elevator up to the 7th floor, it’s faster, convenient and especially I don’t know if taking the escalator will take you there (they may block off for this installation). However, once the elevator doors are opened, you will see the activation right in front of your eyes.

In my opinion, I like all 7 of the installations, it’s cool, it’s awesome, lovely colour. Some are just for posing a good photo or a selfie. Some are more interactive such as the bubble ball pool (you will be asked to take off your shoes) and you can also grab the shinning disco balls in the disco ball room to make some fun poses.

Personally, I really like the Jurassic Park themed booth coz there is a Raptors in it. I love my beloved Toronto Raptors. Let’s go Raptors! And if you love pink, the pink flamingo booth is cool as well. The flamingo legs stretches from the ground to the ceiling, it added superb visual.

I am very lucky to be able to experience this #The7TO before it’s open to the public tomorrow, so there weren’t many peeps around me. So, I could take selfie, take some good shots and really take my time to enjoy each activation. However, my fear is….and it’s going to happen, I could see a whole herd of human beings coming in the space at the same time and peeps will be jam packed that they can’t take proper photos without anyone in the frame or people have to take long time to go through everything. Remember, once you get out of the elevators, you are pretty much step right into the activation space.

Anyhow, I think Hudson’s Bay understands the importance of having a spot for social media worthy photos and also understands how important to make people happy and fun during this gloomy cold winter. I think the Hudson’s Bay did a fantastic job of creating this #The7TO interactive installations.

SPOILER ALERT: Check out more photos and videos below. However, if you don’t want to see everything ahead of time and want to keep it a surprise until you get there, then don’t scroll down. LOL

MoVernie TIP #1: I recommend you to come early in the morning, the moment it’s open, you are there. Or perhaps come on a weekday afternoon when it’s less busy.

MoVernie TIP #2: Be considerate with other people, don’t take up the entire hour to take selfie or to yourself. Be courteous, let other people take photos too. Don’t take super long. Let’s enjoy the space together. Don’t act like you are above everyone or you are a super celebrity, everyone should have the equal opportunity to enjoy the activation.

Hudson’s Bay Queen Street Toronto
Website: https://locations.thebay.com/en/hudsons-bay-queen-st
Address: 176 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M5C 2L7
Phone: (416) 861-9111

#The7TO will open the same as the Hudson’s Bay Business Hours:
Sun 10:00am – 7:00pm
Mon – Fri 10:00am – 9:30pm
Sat 9:30am – 9:30pm




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