Things Raptors need to do in order to go deep into the playoffs!


It’s definitely a luxury to have in the past few years as Raptors fans knowing the team is going to make the playoffs. But now comes the hard part, as we all know, playoffs is a different game and we don’t really know what we get from the Toronto Raptors. The team struggled numerous times just to get by against some inferior teams in the past.

Which Raptors team is going to show up? That is a KEY question.

Here are some of the things I think the Raptors need to do in order to go deep into the playoffs:

  1. Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan, the Raptors’ backbones, have to step comes playoff time. They can no longer struggle like they do in the past years. They both need to produce and shoot well. No more excuse about not knowing what to do when double and triple team comes.
  2. Coach Casey needs to continue to let the 2nd Unit to play its successful free-flowing offensive game. I wouldn’t shortened the bench if 2nd Unit is such a solid group. Let them play if they are playing well, keep every player fresh on the team to go deep into the playoffs.
  3. Coach Casey needs to adapt and have better in-game adjustments. He needs to stop being stubborn about his rotation. If his 2nd Unit is dominating, let them dominate until they gets cold, but don’t pull them back to the bench coz they only play certain amount of playing time and then have to substitute back the starters. Coz that will kill the momentum.
  4. Coach Casey needs to draw better offensive plays and screens so to free up both DeRozan and Lowry from being double or triple teamed. DeMar and Kyle need to know how to score when being trap, but it’s also the coach responsibility to make his players easier to score.
  5. Will CJ Miles going to be on the floor if he has a 0 for 9 shooting night and offers nothing other than attempting 3’s?
  6. Trust me, despite Coach Casey buried Norman Powell to the end of the pine, Powell will steal at least a game in the playoffs. Some of the rookies in the 2nd Unit may hit a rookie wall or still get nervous that Powell fearless approach and experience will be crucial to the Raptors success down the stretch.
  7. When the game is on the line, I hope the Raptors will not settle back to those stupid ISO plays. Coz if they do, then the “Cultural Re-set” during the regular season became meaningless.
  8. Will Coach Casey finally let another player to take the last shot or have confidence in guys such as Jonas V or Ibaka to take the last shot to give the opponents a different look and surprise them?

These are the KEY points that I think will be crucial to the success/failure of the Toronto Raptors in the playoffs. We will find out which team shows up during the playoffs.

Go Raptors Go!


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