This is Why the Toronto Blue Jays Signing with Hyun-Jin Ryu is a Bad Deal


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The Toronto Blue Jays finally signed a big fish in the free agent market.

However, here is my opinion and it’s my own view. The Toronto Blue Jays is rebuilding, they are 2 years away from 2 years to even talk about contending. I am ready for the team to continue to rebuild, going through growing pains and let them make mistakes, develop and grow.

I don’t see the point to sign a pitcher for 4 years and who breaks down all the time and the ONLY good season is last year with a career year to show for. Remember Raptors signing Demarre Carroll for 4 years coz he has only 1 career good season?

Remember, Hyun-Jin Ryu has ONLY 1 good career year and he pitches for the powerhouse LA Dodgers. I think he will be a bust for the Jays as he won’t be able to stay healthy. He doesn’t have as many run support to back him up with the Jays and he is now pitching for the American League, a totally different league (he pitched in the National League) where he needs to recognize & study the tendency of these players in the new league. Also think about it, an annual $20M a season for a starting pitcher isn’t that outrageous but yet no other teams want his service, you are telling me the power house MLB teams wouldn’t bite on this guy?

Anyhow, I hope the Jays and him prove me wrong, but I don’t think this is a good deal for us.

Let me know what your thoughts about this deal by the Jays? Love to hear from you!


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