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It’s September and it’s that time again, Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is here. That means lots of pre-TIFF and post-TIFF parties and of course, lots of celebrities coming to Toronto show their starpower and support. Apparently, Megan Fox is coming too! She has been a supporter for 3 consecutive years. I saw her 2 years ago, promoting her film “Jennifer’s Body”. She is definitely beautiful in person.

Anyhow, this year, I would like to meet many celebs, but in particular, Madonna, George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Not really sure about Madonna’s movie, but her making a rare appearance is attractive enough for me to try to catch a glimpse of her. But honestly, I don’t really look for them, opportunities come to me and I just enjoy every moment of it. Now, alot of my peeps have asked me where are the hotspots to stand a higher chance of stargazing. Scroll down at the list here and hopefully you will spot some. Remember to send me the photos if you do spot them. Remember, stay humble and don’t over-react, there are alot of etiquettes when you see them in person. If you see them on the red carpet or in the public area, it’s ok to ask them politely for a photo or autographs but if they are in a club or having dinner in a restaurant, please give them privacy and space.

Now, let’s travel around the Toronto hotspots shall we?

Newest hotspots:
1) Honestly, Ritz-Carlton is definitely going to be a hotpot for sure, it’s conveniently located just across Roy Thomson Hall, which is the main venue of the TIFF screenings and red carpet. Some celebs don’t even need a ride, they just walk over to the RTH, lol. Besides Ritz-Carlton is a new hotel, located in the heart of downtown, what’s not to like? If I am a celeb, I will stay there as well. It’s chic, classy, proper and very luxurious with a good view of CN Tower and overlooking RTH.
2) This is a no-brainer – TIFF Lightbox building. Honestly, if I am a celeb, I wouldn’t really hang out here (not b/c of the window pane flying off the charts) but the fact that even an average joe would try to find them here at the official TIFF venue. But if they have to promote a screening or a film, they got to be there, so you stand a chance seeing them. Besides, it is a relatively new spot around the city. While you are at it, be sure to check out their ground level cafe, great snack food (pricey but great chillin place) and check out inside the decor as well. The bar at the 2nd level is also a great chillin place. Be sure to check out the Oscar trophy being encased in a glass exhibit. And “The Oscar goes to…..MoVernie!!!” lol.
3) Thompson Rooftop Hotel – it’s quite exclusive and a chic and classy hotel, located one street behind the King Street West (which is a classy clubbing district area). Rooftop requires exclusive access so you may have to pull lots of strings, but b/c of this nature, celebrities would love the rooftop view and being more private. Also check out the nice, fancy restaurant there and the 24hr The Counter eatery place.
4) Hazelton Lane at Yorkville is a super hotpot. If I am a celeb, I will stay there. It’s a very nice and classy hotel, not too high but with nice balcony and lots of nice cars, restaurant downstairs with the new patio is a must! Besides, it’s just a walk away to the Hyatt Hotel across the street to chill on “The Rooftop” for some nice olives and hard liquor, what’s not to like?

The normal hotspots:
1) Well, the usual hotpot for red carpet experience got to be the Roy Thomson Hall, it’s relatively spacious, GM SUV or limo rides pulled on the turn circles and celebs got off the car and say hi to the long awaiting fans and taking photos with them and signing autographs. TV stations heavy area. If I were you, you should bring a foldable small chair, so you can sit on it while you wait and use it to allow you to stand up taller against the crowd to capture a better photo. However, make sure you don’t being an asshole and block the rest of the people behind you, so try to pick a pole or garbage can area or somewhere you don’t block alot of people.
2) InterContinental hotel, the official headquarter this year for TV stations to host interviews (one day MoVernie hopes to interview celebs there with SammyT). In the past, the headquarter is located somewhere in Yorkville but b/c of the location of the TIFF Lightbox, it’s now at the InterContinental hotel. If you want to catch a glimpse of them, this is a decent location as celebs will walk out of the red carpet after their interviews with the TV stations.
3) West Arm Hotel where some charities events are being held there, so you will see the celebs.
4) Yorkville area, such as 4 seasons hotel, the usual celebrities hotpot for staying for the night to chill. Starbucks at Yorkville is a great way to sit and wait for celebs. Hey, they got to buy coffee too right? The high-end boutique clothing and jewellery stores at Yorkville will also be a good place to spot them. Ssasfrazz is a famous restaurant for this people.
5) Bloor/Bay high-end stores. Svaswaki glassware, LV, Harry Rosen, Hugo Boss, places celebs will definitely go. Don’t be surprised if the store will close the door and only let the celebs hold the entire store just for them.
6) Restaurants such as Sasur Lee, Spice Route, The Brant House, private clubs, Anime (formerly Rain) are hotspots where celebs will have dinner. Lots of private clubs along Richmond/Peter and King Street West will be hotspots for stargazing.
7) Elgin Theatre, Alexandra Theatre, Ryerson theatre, the usual TIFF screenings, you can catch those who are promoting their films, but make sure you read the schedule and ensure they are going to show up to promote their films.
8) Drake Hotel – this is a bit out there in the west but lots of happening. It’s a nice, little boutique hotel that is high of arts and culture and entertainment. The rooftop patio is nice. Great DJ spinning the music and if cold, the fireplace keeps you warm, make sure you try their fresh and deliciously sushi made on the spot. I had my Stella Artois TIFF Red Carpet experiences there for two years, unlimited beer, great food, hot Stella girls, meeting local directors/producers/actors/actresses. Super awesome!

Not-So hotspots:
I wouldn’t go to any of these places to see stars.

1) CN Tower – come on, unless celebs want a thrill of the new EdgeWalk, I wouldn’t see them wanting to bump into lots of tourists, lol
2) Roger Centre – I don’t think so
3) Royal York Hotel – honestly, celebs may stay there, but highly unlikely, the construction on the road and around the hotel are just too traffic congested and noisy that I wouldn’t want to be waken up in early morning by the dumptrucks.

Alrighty, as long as you stick around the boundary from Yorkville to Roy Thomson Hall, your chance of spotting celebs are high. Good luck, remember to tweet me @movernie or send me a photo if you do spotted the celebrities.

Good luck!


MoVernie 2011


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