Tim Horton’s First New Innovation Cafe – 130 King Street West – Toronto, Canada


Well….the Tim Horton’s New Innovation Cafe is making a lot of buzz. It’s the company’s first innovation cafe and there is a huge lineup at the 130 King Street West, located right at the heart of the financial district.

The location was formerly a Starbucks (I mean, how often Starbucks close down and replaced by another coffee company? Very rare), located on the ground level of the South East Corner of York Street/Adelaide Street. This Timmies, as we often like to call it is different from the rest of the typical Timmies. This innovation cafe has a more upscale coffee shop look. It’s very inviting to sit in with various style of seating layout. You could sit at the counter with high stools watching the staff making a latte or a cold brew. Or perhaps sitting at the low sofa chairs chatting with your friends. If you come by yourself, you can sit at the central communal table.

There are colourful specialty donuts. They still serve sandwiches and soups. I love soups so I care about that very much. They have some soup selections that are not available at the normal Timmies. For example, they serve lobster bisque which I would like to try.

I think it’s always nice to see brands such as Tim Horton’s evolve and provide various style and business plan that is catered to different demographics. There are people who is willing to pay more for a high quality donut or a good place to chill and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. I think everyone should expect to see more of Tim Horton’s Innovation Cafe being opened across Canada.

Tim Horton’s Innovation Cafe – 130 King
Address: Exchange Tower, 130 King St W, Toronto, ON M5X 2A2
Phone: (416) 214-6201


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